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Language House TEFL Weekend Trips

Aside from training, The Language House likes to offer fun weekend trips for our graduates and current students. Here’s the latest.
The Language House TEFL w/ Nica [...]
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TEFL Courses With TLH Cheaper Than Ever!

The Euro is at a 12 year low. This means that signing up with our courses are cheaper than ever. If you have ever thought about teaching abroad this is the best time (and most [...]
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Language House TEFL 2016 Course Discounts!

Apply and secure your spot for any 2016 course and receive a 100 Euro discount off your course balance. This offer is good until May 1, 2015.
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Language House TEFL T-Shirts

Language House TEFL T’s ‘Everyday I’m TEFLing’ are now available at the school. Come in to get your t-shirt today. T-shirt’s can also be won by [...]
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Language House TEFL School Party

Last week we through a giant party with over 120 TLH graduates attending. Here are some shots of the night. Thanks everyone for the great turnout.
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Low Euro/Low CZK = Cheaper Courses For You!

The dollar is currently very strong against both the Euro and the Czech Koruna. Since we post our prices in Euros, this means that our courses are cheaper than ever for [...]
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New TEFL Videos Are Up

Check out our course from the voices of our staff and graduates from The Language House TEFL. Most of the videos deal with the experience of teaching abroad AFTER the course [...]
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TEFL Course Review Video – Lindsay

The Language House Graduate Voices are a collection of interviews from past graduates and staff who work on the course. Check out Lindsay’s review of The Language House [...]
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September 2014 Graduates!

The September 2014 class was an amazing group of 25 students. Here’s some pics from their course. Well done everybody! Thanks for all of the hard work. You guys did great.
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Language House Orientation Tour

  Another thing that makes The Language House TEFL unique is that we offer a two day orientation tour before the course begins. This is a great way to meet your fellow [...]
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