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Welcome to the one and only Language House TEFL in Prague; a TEFL certification course and community with almost 20 years of history. We love to train new English teachers and have our graduates reach their teaching/living abroad goals. We are not just a TEFL certification course, but a supportive community of staff and graduates that spans the globe and lasts a lifetime. 

Our TEFL certification course is 4 weeks in length, onsite, American-owned, fully-accredited with a job guarantee, and located in one of the most enchanting cities in the world, Prague! If you are going to teach abroad, get the full experience by taking an onsite course. 

Americans, the Czech Republic is one of the few European countries where it is still possible for you to work legally.

Learn all about your training here.

Interested in Teaching English Abroad?

Get certified to teach English worldwide with an international TEFL (TESOL) certificate offered by The Language House TEFL in Prague. There are dozens of different TEFL course providers in the world, but there is only one Language House. Often imitated, but never duplicated, our unique TEFL course and graduate community is your launch pad for a new life abroad. We have a tremendous amount of information on this site. Take your time, read up on our material, join our groups, and apply once you are ready. 

The internationally recognized, 4-week, fully accredited, and externally monitored teacher training course will give you the skills and qualifications needed to make it as an English teacher. If you want to teach English abroad, The Language House TEFL is your starting point.

The Language House Prague TEFL TESOL Grad Students

The Language House TEFL is the largest and most popular TEFL training center in Prague. We have also been awarded GoAbroad’s Top Rated Organization notable mention many years in a row out of hundreds of other teaching programs worldwide. It is impossible to get even nearly the same level of training from online TEFL certification.

Invest in yourself and train onsite with an organization that is so confident in our training that we offer a job guarantee. Our graduates are not just working in Prague, but in dozens of countries all over the world. No prior teaching experience is necessary. Join our community and come teach with us. Photos and videos used on this website and our Instagram are actual students, graduates, and staff of The Language House. We rarely use stock photography.

Have the Experience of a Lifetime with an Onsite Course in Prague

Watch this short video to find out what makes The Language House the most popular TEFL program in Europe and why online courses can’t compete. You will only ever take one TEFL course. Get the full abroad experience (and the best training possible) with us.


Get Started

  • Award-winning TEFL certification multiple years in a row
  • The largest and most popular course in Prague
  • Guided tour, drinks and weekend outings
  • Visa, work permit and Zivnostensky List support
  • Centrally located housing on request

Get Acquainted

  • Money-back job guarantee 
  • Extensive, worldwide job assistance
  • Over 3000 TEFL graduates since 2004
  • A staff of over 13 people
  • Located in the heart of Prague center
  • A network of trainers and graduates
  • A vibrant community of graduates living in Prague

Get Learning

  • 6 hours of survival Czech
  • Over 14 hours of teaching practice!
  • Classes with no more than 16 people
  • 24 hour course support
  • The best hands-on training around 
  • Wonderful parting gifts for our grads upon graduation
  • Lots of extras and benefits

Online and Blended

Can’t train for a month in Prague?

Take the course online! The Language House TEFL is partnered with the top-rated provider of online TEFL certification on the world. We offer the most extensive online and blended TEFL certification course on the market.

Online TEFL Prague

Start Here. Basic rundown of the TEFL program and teaching abroad.

You Have to Join This Group

Want to connect with hundreds of our grads?

Join our FB group ‘Pack Your Bags and Move Prague’ and connect with past, present and future Language House students. We have some of the best unique content about living in Prague around.

The Language House September 2021 Course

Life in Prague

New to Prague and worried about getting situated in a new city? Don’t be! Let our TEFL graduates help.

These videos will not only help guide you in finding your new apartment and finalizing your Visa, but will also steer you to the coolest pubs with some of the best beer in the world!

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and The Language House TEFL is lucky to have our school right in the center of it all. Prague, and the Czech Republic, is a great place to start your teaching career.

Not only is the city gorgeous, with gothic architecture, beautiful castles and cobblestone streets, but the cost of living is much lower than the majority of cities in Europe, the US, Canada, and the UK.

Get a teaching job within one week of course completion!

An Award-Winning Program

The Language House TEFL is one of the most highly reviewed TEFL certification courses in the world. Watch our review videos and check out these credible review sites to read up on hundreds of praises for our course and community.

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Job and Guidance Package

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