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photo 2 (4)I first stumbled across The Language House on a former student’s blog page while researching different ways to make my dream of living in Europe possible. I was instantly drawn to her description of the school, but proceeded with caution and learned as much as possible about the school before I applied. After my experience, I’ve found that every fantastic review of TLH is true! As a member of the September 2014 group, TLH prepared me well to teach English as a foreign language–not only in theory, but through actual teaching experience and the astounding level of staff support the school provides. Furthermore, the program does an amazing job of helping its students adjust to living in a new country, find housing and jobs, and get connected to an entire community of fun-loving individuals!

Language House get togethersAfter finishing the program and receiving both my TEFL and YLT (Young Learners & Teens) certificates, I immediately started to build a base of students, both through a language school and by finding private students on my own. I currently teach all adults because I discovered through experience it’s what I enjoy most, but TLH definitely prepared me to teach all ages and levels. I also appreciate the ongoing support they provide to past graduates–it’s so helpful to stay connected even months after finishing the program.

Language House FriendsPrague is a fairy-tale city in so many ways. I’ll never get over the gorgeous architecture and views, and there’s always something happening, from Christmas markets in the winter to random festivals throughout the year. Some of my best memories, though, have been learning about Czech culture from my students and getting to know people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel a little bit in Europe, and I definitely plan to do more in the future, both in the Czech Republic and beyond. The Language House has played a huge role in making my life in Prague a great one!

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