Casey W.C.

Last Updated: on July 23, 2022 by The Language House

Taught in Prague, Korea, China and Saudi Arabia

Casey at Beer GardenHi! My name’s Casey. After graduating from university and getting married, my husband, Ian, and I decided to spend a year teaching in South Korea. We thought it would be a one-time adventure and after we finished our contract there, traveling and working abroad went on the back burner. Ian came across The Language House’s website and we started comparing the program against others that we found (at home and abroad). TLH seemed far and away the best, so we reached out to Chris via Facebook. He got back to us right away and answered all our neurotic questions with patience and humor. It was definitely time to go back abroad.

Casey Language House TEFL SummerI had no idea what I was getting myself into (in the best possible way). The course was amazing and run by people and teachers who obviously love what they do. I made friends that, even though we live thousands of miles apart, I am still close with. I’ll never forget July 2013, my classmates or our summer spent in Prague. The course itself has been applicable in every day of my teaching life. Since I taught before my TLH TEFL certification and after, I can say for certain that the course made me 10x the teacher I was before. The curriculum left me feeling prepared for anything (including having 11 contact hours a day in China!) and the supervised teaching hours gave me the confidence to ace any job interview and walk into a new position ready to hit the ground running. The Language House showed me that teaching really is the career for me and I am loving my life because of it.

July 2013 Language House TEFLRight after certification, Ian and I left for China to work with children there. Applying what we had learned at TLH made us rock stars there. Ian was always in demand for promotional teaching and the owner of the small franchise personally asked me if I’d reconsider signing a second contract. That is world’s away from our experience (pre TLH) in Korea where we were unsure and less effective as teachers. I’m now working in Saudi Arabia at an awesome women’s college in a small town. I got this position through a TLH contact and I couldn’t be happier. I work with a great team teaching girls skills that will help them to truly embody what it is to be the next generation of Saudi women.

I wouldn’t be here without The Language House! It’s truly the best place to start your teaching and travel adventures.

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