enroll in our course for ONLY $1400

*Standard price is $1525. See discounts below for more information.

What makes The Language House TEFL popular are all the extras included that go beyond just the teacher training course. The most important being the benefits of joining our wonderful graduate/staff community. *Due to travel uncertainty related to the Coronavirus, we are offering all new applicants a $150 discount on all future courses. You will have the ability to move your course to a different month (discount included) if you encounter travel problems, without penalty. This city, this course, and our staff, are amazing. We want you to have this experience and we will be flexible with you.

* 2020-21 price for TEFL Course Only

Includes All This

  • Your internationally accredited TEFL certificate
  • Inclusion to our vibrant graduate community in Prague and worldwide
  • A supportive staff of over 14 people
  • Lifetime job assistance for Prague and worldwide
  • Lifetime access to Language House parties and social events
  • Housing assistance and guidance for after the course
  • All course materials, textbooks and teaching materials
  • All moderation fees
  • Airport car service (if staying in our housing)
  • 6 hours of survival Czech lessons
  • Guided tour of the city
  • Arrival gathering and drinks
  • 24 hour course assistance
  • Complete access to all school facilities
  • Fantastic graduation party
  • Having us always available for any help you need during your abroad adventure in Prague or worldwide

Discounts & Specials: Save Money Off Your $1525 Tuition

March, April + May
$125 off the $1525 tuition if the deposit is received within 7 days of being accepted!

Friend’s Discount
$50 off each person’s course tuition

All Other Months
$25 off if deposit is received within 7 days of being accepted!

Expat / Czech Discount
$150 off your course tuition

Couple’s Discount
$100 off each person’s course tuition

Course Dates: All Future Courses Discounted $150 with Flexible Start Times


May 25 – June 19
June 29 – July 24
August 03 – August 28
September 7 – October 2
October 12 – November 6
November 16 – December 11


January 11 – February 5
February 15 – March 12
March 22 – April 16
April 26 – May 21
May 31 – June 25
July 5 – July 30
August 09 – September 3
September 13 – October 8
October 18 – November 12
November 22 – December 17

Housing Prices

Shared Apartment
Two/three bedroom apartment with your own room.
*Shared room in apartment
*Dormitory style housing
*Shared rooms and dormitory-style housing are limited and depend on the participation of students. Included in the price is airport pickup, cleaning, and having a staff member meet you at the apartment. There are no extra service fees. 



Private Apartment
1 person (limited)
Private Apartment
2 people (limited)

Course months refer to the month the course begins on; e.g. March 19 – April 13 is the course for March. All courses begin on a Monday and all housing is available from the Friday before the course begins. If given notice, we are more than happy to house you earlier.

Someone from the Language House staff will be waiting at the airport or desired pickup location to greet you and take you to your accommodation.

All prices for the course are in USD which we will then convert to the currency of your choice for your final payment. Your course balance will be sent out to you about 8 weeks before the start of your course in Euro. From there, you can exchange into your currency of choice and pay the balance that way.

The standard price for all of our courses is $1525, but all courses offer various discounts. This price includes everything aside from housing.  We have provided a link below for you to check how much the course and accommodation is in your local currency. Most people pay for the course via TransferWise which your bank will automatically convert to your local currency. Currency exchange

Upon receiving acceptance into your course, we will require a deposit of $325 (around 275 Euro). We would like the remaining balance to be paid 4 weeks before the start of the course. The deadline for paying the course balance is two weeks before the start date. For complete information on payments, please view our policies section. You can find the link on our footer.

If you sign up for a future course and secure your place within seven days of being accepted, you are eligible for the discounted month price of either $25 or $125 depending on the month. We do offer even more discounts if you pay for your course further in advance. The further in advance you secure your deposit, the greater the discount. Ask us about current discounts, we might have specials going on.

The deposit for the course is paid online and we will send you all of that information once you are officially accepted onto the course. For the course balance, we accepted TransferWise, credit cards via PayPal and bank transfers.

Should you withdraw from your course your deposit is non refundable, but can be used for a later course without penalty as long as we receive a four-week notice. If you were offered a discount on a particular course month, the discount will not transfer to your new course month. We require the course tuition to be paid 4 weeks before the start date to continue your reservation. If you have paid for the entire course, and decide to cancel, you will receive a full refund (minus your deposit) as long as you give us at least a three-week notice. For course cancellations due to travel bans and forced government suspension of operations, you may use your course fees for the next available course, or a course of your choice in the future.