Caitlin Byrne

Caitlin has taught in Prague and Taiwan

Upon completing my undergrad, I was ready and eager to pursue my passions but adamantly opposed to finding a 9 to 5 job. Teaching English abroad turned out to be the perfect solution. The Language House proved to be an invaluable first step in setting the tone for my next three years. TEFL supplied me with the skills and training necessary to be an effective teacher, as well as provided me with friends and resources I would encounter and count on for the next several years to come.

My year in Prague was an amazing experience in which I learned innumerable lessons, forged incredible friendships and gained important cultural and teaching experience. I spent the following year teaching children in Taiwan and continuing to visit my TEFL friends spread around Asia. The two countries could not be more different, but I found each to be exciting and enriching in its own way.

All my experience and skills gained from teaching English and living abroad have continued to serve me this year as I pursue a masters in International Peace Studies at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. My passions for meeting new people, learning new cultures and an insatiable yearning to travel were all realized through my time teaching English. I am now putting these skills to use in my degree and hoping to continue to do so through many years to follow of living and working around the world!

Caitlin Byrne - Graduate of The Language House TEFL