Desire Trousil


My name is Desire’, I am from the US, California to be exact, and I graduated from the August 2018 class. I moved to Prague to teach English as well as to be closer to my family who has just moved to Berlin. I had planned on staying in Prague for a year or two and then either moving to Berlin or another country but Prague stole my heart and now I cannot leave her. There is magic in this city and it is around every corner. Sometimes it is in the form of a street musician who should be on stage, the beautiful figures on the buildings, the pieces of art that can be found whilst wandering, and of course the Vltava. Here you will find the swans that live along the river banks waiting for people to feed them and of course pose for pictures.

After I graduated from TLH, I started working as a private English tutor and soon found my time was filled with lessons and travel to schools. It was a bit scary at first, going into an unfamiliar school but the staff was always friendly and helpful and it wasn’t too long before we were greeting each other in the hallways. I continued to work as a private tutor until CVOID hit in 2020 and we went into lockdown. It was then that I realized that I missed the camaraderie I found in the schools I visited and decided it was time to switch gears and find a new position. I was also adopted by two cats, you can see Vivi in the picture above. They found me through a local cat adoption agency on Facebook and we have become the best of friends.

I reached out to the TLH community and asked for help in finding a job in a school, and it wasn’t long before that request for help was met. I am now working at a high school in Prague 4 and was asked to sign a contract for another two years! I am incredibly happy that I had a community to go to when I needed help, it makes living abroad easier.

So, I guess that’s it for me. I moved to Prague, took the course, graduated, got a job, survived the COVID lockdowns, adopted two cats, am working at a high school as well as at TLH, and I love my life.

Desire Trousil