Heather Laducer

Heather has taught in Prague and South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

I worked in a private school called BR English. The philosophy of this school involved a form of yoga that sends vibrations through your body and mind. So positive words and sitting in a circle on the floor was crucial. Each class began with 20 minutes of Dahn Jahn yoga followed by 15 minutes of meditation. This process is said to increase brain capacity for learning. I didn’t see the results but it was cool to be part of a cult for a year.

MokDong is a good neighborhood in Seoul that hasn’t got too many foreigners so people still give you free things and discounts just for being American.

Overall, Seoul is an awesome place where you can enjoy nature, night life, Jinji bongs, Norae bongs and DVD bongs but not bongs with drugs…that’s a super super bad thing in Korea There are lots of events involving all you can drink buffets of terrible Korean beer where you can meet locals who want to practice their English.

Seoul is like a country, where every weekend you can just choose a random subway stop and get off and wander around and you feel like you’re in a different city. If you live in Seoul, it’s hard to make it out to the other parts of the country so if you want to explore Korea maybe choose a less absorbing city.

Word of advice to my English speaking friends not from the States, you will get annoyed about the fact that in South Korea, to them, everybody is American. So when you walk down the street, try not to get angry when the locals yell out “Yeah! America!!” or “I love USA”

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