Lizzie Whitman

Lizzie has taught in Prague, Korea and New Zealand

I had never been outside the US before I took the plunge and signed up for a course at The Language House. Fresh out of college with no career in mind and a fairly useless liberal arts degree, I decided it was high time to travel. I made a plan to live outside the US for five years and live in five countries. It’s been four years and I’m on my third country so I guess I’ll need more time!

In January of ’07 I arrived in Prague to do the TEFL course. While the class was great, the best part of the experience for me was seeing how easy it is to live and work abroad.

When my month at TLH was over, I got a job teaching at the American Embassy preschool. After 18 glorious months in Prague I found a job in Korea through a classmate from the TEFL course. Korea was quite different from Prague but just as fun. I taught there for two years, one in private school and one in public. If you want to go to Korea make sure you know the difference!

I’m currently living in New Zealand with my husband (he’s American but we met at a bar in Korea). Even in an English-speaking country like NZ there are TEFL jobs available. Living and traveling abroad has opened my eyes. I have had so much fun and learned a lot in my travels. The Language House was a great way to get started.

Lizzie in Cambodia