ESL Teachers, Fluentize Is a Game Changer! Grab Your 20% Discount

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Fluentize is a powerful lesson-planning site for English teachers who want engaging and ready-to-go lesson plans with a click of a button.  Watch the video and use the code CHRIS20 to unlock a 20% discount on their site.

I’ve got an announcement to make!

Hey, it’s Chris Westergaard here, the director of The Language House TEFL. If you’re a graduate of The Language House TEFL within the last 5 years, we have been delighted to offer you a year’s membership to Fluentize’s entire lesson plan library for free. If your membership already expired or if you are new to this company, I can help. I am thrilled to announce that I’ve recently teamed up with Fluentize, and in exchange for a bit of promotion, they are offering everyone a 20% discount on their entire site when you use my code CHRIS20. Never heard of Fluentize? Let me share with you why I love this company so much.

For ESL teachers, this company is a lifesaver

ESL Teachers, Fluentize Is a Game Changer! Grab Your 20% Discount

Being an English teacher comes with its unique challenges, and one of the most time-consuming tasks is lesson planning. Back in my days before founding The Language House TEFL, I remember the never-ending struggle of managing numerous textbooks to create engaging lessons. Fortunately, the solution to this predicament has finally arrived – Fluentize.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to Fluentize, the ultimate platform that streamlines your ESL lesson planning, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you teach in-person or online, Fluentize offers a diverse range of dynamic lesson plans that are easily accessible and adaptable to your teaching needs. All of the lesson plans are colorful and beautifully designed, filled with new lexis, grammar, worksheets, and discussion materials.  Let’s explore how Fluentize can revolutionize your teaching experience (and how I can offer you a discount).

Lessons built around real-life videos make them shine!

One thing that has always irked me with using textbooks is their drab and static nature. The content was always dull, lacking any essence of true communication. Fluentize is different. All of their lessons are tailored-made around a unique video. Incorporating a real-life video from Fluentize into your English lessons adds a vibrant and captivating dimension that surpasses the limitations of a dull textbook.

Instead of relying on stagnant text and pictures, Fluentize’s real-world video content immerses learners in authentic language contexts, featuring native speakers in natural settings. Students can witness genuine conversations, expressions, and cultural nuances, making language learning come alive. These videos spark curiosity and engagement, keeping learners motivated and eager to explore the language in its dynamic form. Students don’t live in the world of boring textbooks. With Fluentize, you have engaging content that matches their lives and interests.

Search your level, pick your topic, and you’re done

I’m sure there is a plethora of solid content out there for ESL teachers, but is it easy to find? What makes Fluentize effective is the ease with which you can search for content and get what you need – fast! The entire process is streamlined in their library. Simply scroll through their entire inventory for inspiration or search for specific topics to focus on your students’ interests. Visible thumbnails and to-the-point descriptions make finding the perfect topic a breeze. There’s even a feature that suggests similar lessons to the one you are working with. From there, you just have to press print and your planning is done.

Are many of your classes online? No problem! All of Fluentize’s lessons are completely interactive, making them perfect for online teachers too.

Their library of lessons is enormous and grows weekly

Your average textbook has around 12 units, equaling roughly 24-36 lessons in total. As of right now, Fluentize has over 410 unique lessons, with 80-100 new lessons being added to the library each year. This is a tremendous amount of material at your fingertips! Frankly, it would be a feat for any educator to make it through their entire library of lessons. (Did I just create a challenge here?)

Whether you specialize in one level or too many to keep track of, Fluentize has enough variety to keep your content fresh and your students engaged. Quantity is important, but remember, it’s about quality, and Fluentize will deliver that for you.

Get yourself a discounted membership! Reach your potential!

Fluentize offers an array of options to purchase their lessons. This includes the ability to grab lessons a la carte, in packs of 5 and 10, but I recommend skipping this hassle and just signing up for a full membership. A full membership unlocks their entire library, giving you unlimited access to as many lesson downloads to fit your needs. With the discount, the total for the year comes to a reasonable $63. Full-time teachers, this amounts to a few nickles per plan!

I would never recommend a company that I didn’t use myself. The Language House purchases nearly 200 memberships each year for our grads. The owner of Fluentize is remarkably a graduate of The Language House TEFL himself. When you purchase a discounted membership (remember to use CHRIS20), you are supporting a real, hard-working teacher in the field (and not some giant, corporate conglomerate). I can’t tell you how excited I am to offer you a discount on this amazing teaching resource.

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  1. I was signing up for Fluentize and saw the promo code box so I searched Google for “Fluentize promo code” and found yours so you are welcome to your affiliate commission in return for my discount 😀 and BTW, just from using their free lessons with some of my groups I agree that their annual subscription is worth every penny.


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