Garrett Haugrud

Last Updated: on July 23, 2022 by The Language House

Taught in Prague and South Korea

After earning my TEFL certificate from The Language House in August 2008 (perhaps the best class ever!), I was hired by Threshold Training Associates and stayed in Prague for a year.  I returned home for a year and got the travel bug once again.  Having a TEFL certificate helped secure a legit job with a higher salary at a private English school in South Korea.  The Language House not only gave me confidence in teaching English as a foreign language but it was also one of the greatest and rewarding experiences I’ve had.  Prague is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it’s hard to match, however I felt ready to explore Asia and am happy that my training is still paying off!

I’m currently teaching kindergarten and elementary in Seoul, Korea at Alphabet Street Language Institute.  Seoul is a mega city compared to Prague, but it’s interesting living here during so much economic expansion and cultural change.  The countryside and landscapes of South Korea are amazing and visiting the coastal towns and rural communities are very rewarding because of the slower paced lifestyle.  I’ve been able to travel to Japan and will be going to China at the end of July.  After my contract expires, my school will pay the equivalent of a flight home but instead I plan on backpacking through SE Asia.  I’ve enjoyed the people, learning a completely foreign culture, and being able to earn enough to travel through Asia and make some hefty payments on my student loans!

Feel free to contact me via facebook or email me with any questions.

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