Chris Eckel

Last Updated: on July 23, 2022 by The Language House

2008 graduate
Has taught in Prague and China
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Greetings from the Whore of the Orient!

After working in Praha for 2.5 years, I picked up stakes and moved to the world’s largest city just in time for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo. I work for a large international company named Wall Street English. They have over 50 centers in China, so if you want to work in the world’s largest country but have fears about the smog of Beijing or the heat of Shanghai, fear not.

Shanghai appeals to me because it is in a state of constant flux: every day new office buildings go up and new restaurants close down. I find this sort of change and possibility for new experiences an exciting way to live. Such a large city also has a large variety of cultural, culinary, and socializing opportunities for those who crave choice. And don’t fret if you’re an Exposition fanatic and think your time has passed; every year, at least one Chinese city hosts an international expo, no matter how obscure the topic or how small the city. If you get over here quickly, you too can attend the 2011 Xi’an International Horticultural Expo! What are you waiting for? Book your tickets!