Jemma Burton

Last Updated: on July 23, 2022 by The Language House

Has taught in Prague and South Korea

I’m currently in Daegu, South Korea to teach in a public school and I’ve just arrived here in August. Prior to this I lived and taught in Prague for almost four years all thanks to The Language House.

Jemma in Daegu

I headed over to Prague in October 2007 after graduating with the vague plan of teaching abroad for a while. What I didn’t factor into this plan was falling in love with Prague. It is a truly awesome city to spend time. The Language House course really prepares you for the realities of teaching and gives you a great foundation for your teaching future. At first I worked in a couple of language schools in the city which put me into contact with a wide variety of people. I ended up teaching English in the Natural Science Department of Charles University which was an amazing opportunity. Along with this, I spent every summer ‘working’ at international summer camps in the Czech countryside and London. I was glad that I had done the TEFL course as my students responded well to the creative and engaging way of teaching that we had learned on the course. One of the best things is that I made friends for life through the Language House and my Czech students….from the uni students all the way to the 50 year old businessmen!

Jemma in Prague

Now I’m a month into my South Korean adventure and am enjoying every minute. I never expected that taking the plunge and heading to Prague would lead to living on this side of the world. I’m quite new here but I am 100% looking forward to many new and exciting Asian experiences, all thanks to my TEFL certificate! Going home to a 9-5 job really doesn’t appeal!

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