Josh Huba

Taught in Prague

Dubrovnik copyI told myself even before I landed in Prague that I’d probably stay about 6 months, get bored, and be off to my next destination; this is how I typically operate anyhow. Presently, I’m nearing my 2-year mark. Since, you probably don’t know me, this speaks volumes about the kind of experience I’ve had here. This is in large part thanks to the foundation The Language House laid for me in my initial month (August, 2012) I felt confident post graduation, eager to take on a fresh city and all its challenges. Landing a well paying job (by Prague standards) proved to be extremely easy which was a huge relief. I’m currently teaching a diverse group of international students. Their ages range from 4-6 and all speak fluent English – somehow, I’m an extremely mediocre teacher. My kids are mostly great and are usually brightening my day when they’re not making me want to rip my ears off. They’ve had such a positive impact on my well-being and consequently played a substantial role in my decision to stay in Prague for as long as I have.

Aside from work, which will obviously consume a large portion of your expat experience, I can honestly say all of my expectations for the kind of life I was going to have here have been greatly exceeded. I came to Prague for much of the same reasons most recent college graduates do. I wanted to travel first and foremost. My sense of adventure was hardly being stimulated living in the suburbs of Orlando, FL. I’ve felt just as much at home here as I did anywhere back in America and I feel like a lot of my friends here would agree with that sentiment.

picIt’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes this city so alluring because honestly its not the food and its certainly not the personality of the Czech culture; both of which I find underwhelming at best. I don’t live like some kind of TEFL King on my paycheck but since I live within my means I’m able to save and live comfortably in an amazing city on a teacher’s salary, which probably isn’t something very many people can say in America. Life rarely feels stagnant here; there’s always been something to look forward to. Perhaps, that’s been the clincher for me. . The more obvious draws to this city include the cheap but flavorful beer, pristine architecture, and if you enjoy beautiful women like myself – there’s that too. Sorry ladies, but it might be wise to keep your expectations…low :). Also factoring into my well being here, and something that I probably should’ve stated earlier, are the people that you’ll meet. I’ve developed an amazing core group of friends here. Ones that I’ll hopefully get to continue to see through the years in various corners of the world.

Due to a complicated visa situation I’ll be saying goodbye to Prague at the end of summer and I’m okay with that. The timing seems right. I’ve done my damage for now and I’m excited to start fresh once again, this time in Vietnam. I feel like I’m upping the ante a bit with this move and it seems like the next logical destination for me. Hopefully I can drag a few friends with me, but either way, I’m excited to continue my travels.

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