Katie Toutges

Last Updated: on July 23, 2022 by The Language House

Taught in Prague and Canada

After receiving my certificate from The Language House, I moved to Vancouver, B.C. and was hired to work at a language school for young adults, primarily from Asia.  I found that my certificate and in class teaching experience prepared me for all of the in’s and out’s of teaching ESL at a school.  Being the perpetual student that I am, I went back to school to get my Bachelor of Elementary Education at the University of British Columbia and opted to tutor on the side for some cash.


Having my certificate from TLH greatly helped me here as well.  The money is good, I charge $35/hour, and the hours are flexible which is great for my student schedule.  The work in Vancouver, where there is a high immigrant population, is consistent.  I’m now armed with my Education Degree and was offered a job immediately in a market where teaching jobs are slim, due largely in part to my highly recognized certification from THL and the great teaching experience I was able to get along the way.

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