Mackenzie Moylan

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Taught in Prague

1947916_10201805107909119_1760350976_nHello! My name is Mackenzie Moylan and I took the TEFL course in July 2012. The course itself is a bit hectic and crazy because its 120 hours of class time packed into 4 weeks, but I thought it was a really great and beneficial experience.  I learned the basic ways and means of teaching while being taught by helpful and awesome lecturers. The teaching hours provided by the course really did help me become more calm and confident while teaching a class of students. I was also able to make some really good friends during it as well.

1069295_10102327046247510_536415766_nI had never been outside of America before moving to Prague at the end of June 2012, but I can say that the past 21 months have been some of the most eye opening and exciting months of my life. I moved here not knowing a single person, and I was able to create a great group of friends from all over the world and travel around to some awesome cities such as Budapest and Paris.

I’ve pretty much taught everything during my time here, from one-on-one lessons with adults, to month long university courses, to teaching at a kindergarten where I currently work. I even taught a deaf person English here, and she was one of my favorite students of all time.

971859_624935038492_519027247_nDuring my time here I have been able to explore Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic, and I am pretty much in awe of this place. The culture, history, and outdoors continue to interest me, and I have to say the beer culture and social scene is pretty great here too! Thanks to this incredible experience and the education that I received from the course I can take my skills to pretty much any country where English is in demand, and I am thinking about moving to Southeast Asia in the near future!

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