Mike Hatcher

Last Updated: on July 23, 2022 by The Language House

Has taught in Prague and South Korea
Hello Everyone
My name is Mike Hatcher and I took the amazing TEFL course at THL in Prague in October 2010. Coming into the course I had 1 year experience teaching from South Korea and was thinking I wouldn’t learn all that much. But the amount gained from the course was overwhelming! Also had one really amazing month while doing the course!

I am now working for the top school in South Korea, CDI or Chung Dahm Institute. Since I have been working here I have had so many epic adventures and new experiences. Every single day seems like a dream out here and I have the TLH to thank for all of this. I have been offered Head Instructor position at my school and I’m one of the strongest teachers there all thanks to the training received at The Language House TEFL.

The Language House is more than a school it is a place that gives you the keys for all the doors overseas. I am living a dream everyday and am thrilled with what I gained from TLH.

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