Nikky Raviola-Chvapil

Last Updated: on July 23, 2022 by The Language House

Has taught in Prague, Thailand, South Korea and Tapei

I was in the August 2008 TEFL course where I had an amazing time. The people from the course turned into great friends and I am happy to still be in touch with many of them.
I also met my fiancé at The Language House! Great TEFL training and a husband- good deal!

Upon completion of the course in Prague, I taught for a steel company as their principal English teacher and also worked with a small privately owned English school. I made great money, but had a two hour commute which was a little painful when I had to leave my apartment at 4am in the middle of the winter! I find that I am most comfortable working in small companies as opposed to large chain schools, but Prague has teaching positions for all types of teachers and it’s easy to find a company that suits your individual teaching style.

Nikky teaching English

After working in Prague for a year, my boyfriend and I thought our next adventure should be of the Asian persuasion, and we headed over to Phuket, Thailand. Unfortunately, we did not have the best experience here, but I learned so much about classroom management that I’ve yet to be shocked from anything a student has tried to throw at me. A few months of unruly, aggressive teenagers sent us packing and we made up our minds to backpack SE Asia for the next eight months.

Our teaching journey was still not over and once we took a breather from our travels we began the application process to teach in South Korea. After a few months of dealing with red tape while trying to obtain our E2 Visas we changed our plans somewhat and jumped on a plane to Taipei, Taiwan. We found jobs upon arrival and I was extremely lucky to get a position at an International English School that caters to well-to-do business families who live in both Taiwan and the US or Canada. The money is great here, and Taipei is a wonderful city. We are never at a loss for something interesting to do and the city and surrounding

countryside provide any type of entertainment you can imagine.I am currently in my second year with the school in Taipei, and in my second year with the same children. I love watching them learn andgrow (I’ve had them since they were 3 years old!) and while my job is exhausting and stressful at times (I have 18 students that I teach seven hours a day!), I am happy with my decision to live in Taipei.

When I went to The Language House for my TEFL certificate I had no idea where teaching would lead me! I can honestly say that the course changed my life in a way I could have never imagined- I had initially only planed to teach for 6 months in Prague…..