Nina Whitsett

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Taught in Prague
Nina and May TEFL class
Hello! My name is Nina Whitsett and I am from Long Beach, California. Two years ago I was traveling Europe and I met three American girls on a walking tour in Vienna. They said they were in Europe taking a course in Prague on teaching English. I went back home to a job that I hated and a life that was too comfortable. I was 24 and somehow had fallen into a monotonous, eight to five job and knew I wasn’t ready to settle for that kind of life. I gave myself till the end of 2015 to make a move and create a change. The idea to teach English abroad never left my mind. I wanted adventure, I wanted a purpose and I saw it as a great way out of my current situation. That December I applied to The Language House and I moved to Prague May 25, 2016.Lennon Wall Prague

I liked that The Language House supported you throughout the course and beyond. I liked that I could start working right away in Prague. The course was a challenging, whirlwind but I found myself doing things I never thought possible. I had a course of amazing people who made each day so enjoyable, each late night do-able and every lesson planning session conquerable. The Language House community is very strong and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of it even after the course.
Why Prague? To this day I still can’t pin point exactly why this city charms me so much. Two months in and Prague already feels like home. It continues to excite and entertain me daily. There is always something to do or see in Prague. The views never get old. And neither does the trdelnÍk! I never planned to be a teacher, I didn’t major in English, I honestly don’t know where I am headed on this crazy journey. But I am enjoying the ride and am happier than I have been in a long time.
Nina and May 2016 TEFL
I remember reading blogs or seeing articles on Facebook about people my age that moved abroad and were living what I thought was only a dream. I didn’t understand how they made it possible. Now I know just how easy it is.

“if you don’t like how things are, change it! your not a tree.” –Jim Rohn