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Is taking a 4-week TEFL course abroad impossible with your schedule? We offer the best online TEFL certification on the market with the option of training in Prague with us for a week. Get special discounts, unique gifts and extra support that only The Language House TEFL offers when you sign up through us. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for a FREE consultation!

The Best Online TEFL Course in the World

The Language House TEFL offers the best online TEFL course you can currently buy in the world. We can say this because the online TEFL course we offer isn’t actually ours, it’s from International TEFL Academy, the leading provider of online TEFL certification courses worldwide. We know this because we researched all of them and found ITA’s online course to be head and shoulders better than anything else out there. It is the reason why we partnered with them when creating our hybrid TEFL course (see info below).

By signing up through our site, we can offer you special discounts and extras that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet. If taking an online TEFL course is of interest to you, please contact us. We will give you an unbiased recommendation of why we like this course so much along with a preview of the special discounts and free extras that only we offer. Click on the Facebook Messenger icon on the bottom right of this page, leave us a message and we'll get back to you shortly. 

The magical city of Prague

The Best of Both Worlds: Online TEFL + Onsite Training

If you had to choose between taking an online TEFL course or a 4-week onsite one, hands down, we would tell you to get your training onsite.
For some people though, that’s impossible. Maybe they are currently working. Perhaps they have a family or maybe they are just not ready to commit to moving abroad just yet. In these cases, an online course is the only way to go.
What we have done with International TEFL Academy is create a week’s worth of hands-on training, observed teaching practice, networking support, and expert mentorship that you can opt to take after graduating your online course. This is perfect for people who want to learn the real technical and practical side of teaching in the classroom, but only have a short amount of time.

How does it work? First, you’ll complete International TEFL Academy’s fantastic online course, which takes about three months to finish. Then, if interested, you have the option to travel to Prague to take the practical training with us at The Language House at your convenience. You can come to Prague whenever it works best for you. You're not locked into a specific course or graduation date.

If your plans change and you can no longer come to Prague, you don't have to. Our onsite portion is completely optional and not required for you to achieve your TEFL certification. It is just a great (and recommended) way to get all of the benefits of actual observed teaching practice, in-person training and mentorship. If you want to learn more about the online TEFL course, contact us directly. We offer exclusive discounts and benefits if you sign up for the course through us. We are happy to go over all of the benefits we offer in more detail.


  • The best online and onsite TEFL providers in the industry
  • Level 5 accredited qualification
  • Rich network of both The Language House and International TEFL Academy graduates
  • Double the job assistance (from both TLH and ITA)
  • Flexible start and graduation dates
  • The convenience of online training paired with the highest quality onsite teaching practice
  • Opportunity for self-starters who like to work independently
  • No strings attached - if you can’t make it for the onsite course in Prague, you still can receive a valid teaching qualification that is accepted worldwide
  • Discounts and bonuses available for signing up with us (TLH)

What’s covered?

The Online TEFL Course

International TEFL Academy offers a fully interactive online course that features live and taped classes, office hours, up-to-date training materials, discussion forums, quizzes, tons of resources, and more. Online instructors are highly trained professors with Masters or PHD level qualifications and experience teaching in the field. In total the course is about 170 hours long and has the most thorough content of any online TEFL course we could find.

There are a lot of crummy distance courses on the market, making most online TEFL courses not worth the paper they are printed on. In contrast, this is one of the few worthwhile online courses out there and it’s specifically why we partnered with them to offer the hybrid course option. This course is fully accredited with a level 5 TQUK accreditation, making it equal to both the Trinity TESOL and CELTA qualification. It is one of the few online courses that will be recognized worldwide as a valid teaching qualification.

Aside from an extremely high-quality online TEFL course, ITA also offers comprehensive job assistance and a network of graduates in the tens of thousands that you’ll become part of. This was another reason why we partnered with them. Their training is great, but the post-course assistance that they offer is fantastic too. We are talking about thousands of graduates working in countries all over the world.

If you can't take our 4-week, onsite course, and can only take an online TEFL course, this is on the only online course worth looking at. Contact us below and we will not only save you money on the online course, but also give you a bunch of really cool extras that only we offer.

Our Optional Onsite Section

The onsite portion of the hybrid course is where you’ll learn and refine all of the practical elements to teaching English in a classroom - going far beyond theory. You’ll receive over 30 hours of hands-on instruction and teaching practice. We’ve put together a tailored week of the best content from our award-winning, 4-week, onsite TEFL certification course. You’ll also receive 8 hours of observed teaching practice. Online learning for teaching English is not enough. It would be very difficult to learn new skills like swimming or skiing online without real-life practice. English teaching is also a skill that requires in-person training. The only way to become a better teacher is to teach more. In Prague, you’ll teach classes to real ESL students and receive coaching on how to improve. You’ll be observed by a mentor who can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and show you how to implement the best teaching strategies. This week of training will give you all of the tools, techniques and methodology tips and tricks to be successful in the classroom.

Furthermore, you’ll get to explore the beautiful, safe city of Prague. Whether you want to spend a few days enjoying Prague’s history, culture, and sights or move here for a year, you’ll definitely enjoy the “City of a Hundred Spires.”

What else is included from The Language House?

YLT Certificate

Not only do you get excellent hands-on training, you’ll also receive all of the benefits of being a Language House graduate. You’ll be welcomed into our vibrant alumni community, and receive assistance with moving abroad, finding housing, and finding jobs in Prague and around the world. Our first-class practical training and extra features have made The Language House TEFL the most highly reviewed onsite TEFL certification course in the world. The hybrid course combines the best of The Language House with the convenience of online TEFL!

Not only that, by signing up through our site, you will also receive special discounts off the online course, our great grammar course for free (normally $60), and a free lifetime membership to Fluentize, a great video lesson website (normally $119 USD per year). All are exclusive offers offered by The Language House TEFL.

More Information

Contact us! There is no real substitute to a regular 4-week TEFL certification course. However, the flexibility of the hybrid course is a great option for some candidates. If that’s you, simply fill out the form below and we’ll discuss both the online section and onsite section with you in more detail.


Online TEFL (only): $1395
Onsite teaching practicum in Prague: $450
Sign up through our site and receive $100 (plus the other exclusive offers) off the online course.

The online course can begin at any time. For the practicum in Prague, contact us for our 2019 schedule. We recommend completing the online course first before selecting a date for the onsite course in Prague.

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