Living in Prague Videos

Check out our Life in Prague videos shot with graduates and staff of The Language House TEFL.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and The Language House TEFL is lucky to have our school right in the center of it all. 

Prague, and the Czech Republic, is a great place to start your teaching career.

Prague is gorgeous, with gothic architecture, beautiful castles, cobblestone streets and oh yeah...affordable. The cost of living is much lower in Prague than the majority of cities in Europe, the US, Canada, and the UK.

Teaching jobs are always available and the Czech Republic is one of the few countries in Europe where Americans and non EU nationals can get visas and work legally.

With our excellent job assistance and TEFL community, most graduates find jobs within a week or so of graduating the course. Don’t just think you are limited to Prague though, we help our trainees find work all over the Czech Republic, Europe and the rest of the world. Check out these cute videos featuring different aspects of living in Prague with graduates of our course. No time for videos? Find us on Instagram! We post daily pics of Prague life and our graduates working all over the world. Check us out.

Life on the Vltava river

Fun on Prague's Vltava River

There is so much fun to be had along the banks of the Vltava river. Three graduates of The Language House TEFL take you on a tour of the sites and sounds.

Finding an Apartment

Do you need to find an apartment in Prague?

Two graduates from The Language House TEFL talk about the steps and tricks needed to get an apartment in Prague.

They cover using real estate agents, flat-sharing options, average prices, locations, and how to relocate yourself to your new home. If you are worried about where to stay after your TEFL certification, don’t be. We offer a lot of assistance and help to get you settled.


Are you planning on living in Prague?

Need a visa for the Czech Republic? The great ladies of Visa Guru breakdown some of the places you’ll need to go to finalize your visa and Zivnostensky LIst. Visa Guru is a member of The Language House TEFL in Prague. A great thing about The Language House TEFL is that we have a visa company in our actual school. This means there will always be somebody to help you with all those confusing visa questions and steps.


The Language House TEFL presents Life in Prague

Prague is beautiful, with great wilderness for hiking only a minutes away from the city. We take the day and travel to Divoka Sarka with two graduates of The Language House TEFL to do some hiking, see some nature and talk about their lives living in Prague, Czech Republic. Divoka Sarka is a beautiful spot for hiking and is located less than 20 minutes away from the center.

transportation tips

Traveling to Prague? Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe. Check out this short video by The Language House TEFL with some quick tips on how to use the Prague tram and Prague metro transport.

best brunch

Best brunch restaurants in Prague from staff of The Language House TEFL. Prague has great places to eat brunch these days. Four observers from The Language House TEFL take you on a tour of their favourite places to get brunch. Teach abroad with us!

Our Theatre Group

CATNIP Divadlo

We have a great TEFL community in Prague. In 2015 we created a theatre group, CATNIP (Contemporary American Theatre Now In Prague) consisting of Language House TEFL alums.

Most of our shows take place in underground, speakeasy theatres around the city. Come act in a production or just watch one. Either way, it’s a great experience.

specialty foods

Eating in Prague has never been better. 

Prague’s food scene has improved tremendously over the last few years. Two Language House TEFL graduates take you on a tour of four specialty food stores in Prague.

Pub Tips

Prague has some of the best beer in the world. 

Language House TEFL graduate, Breanna, offers her tips on how to drink beer in a Czech pub like a local.