Pierre Erasmus

Last Updated: on July 23, 2022 by The Language House

Has taught in Prague, Georgia, South Africa
I often give myself credit, for introducing a friend to his current wife.
Nowadays, I give the Language House credit for where I find myself – Cape Town, my hometown, doing what I love: Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
After completing the course in 2008, I lived, worked ,and lets not forget partied in Prague for 18 months.
I found myself teaching at a pre-school and also at a local Language School. Little did I know, that the practical lessons and real-life skills I had picked up at the Language House, would guide me along smoothly in the monhts to come. (still so useful till this very day)
Upon my return to South Africa, it bit me hard – TEFL was for me.
Travelling the World along with Teaching, is a lethal combination, so…
After some research and a bit of luck, I signed up to teach kids in the very obscure, but beautiful country of , the Republic Georgia. I got accepted and was off for an adventure of a lifetime. With limited resources and the odds against me, I would always think back to what I had learnt at the Language House – virtually making lessons out of thin air at times.
The hands-on approach I had received on the TEFL course, after just the 1st week, truly is a wonderful tool.
I taught kids from grade 1-12 at a Public School, gaining a lot of experience with teaching the Alphabet and seeing kids go from zero to hero! It was amazing!
My contract finished in December 2011 and back home I went. With a positive attitude and confidence in my teaching ability, my resume made it to a local College. I applied to teach Asian students, got the job and the rest is, well, history!
Well almost, except of course, that I will never forget the good times, great friends and gifted staff of The Language House!
I’m very happy how things have turned out and it all started back with the Language House.

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