Talva Burnette

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Taught in Prague

10600457_832695240088630_3054300544713023306_nI had my doubts, I reviewed all the information online for months before I finally decided to give it a go.  See the thing is there are so many TEFL programs available it was very difficult to decide. Then something happened, well two things happen.  I took a final look at TLH website and found it to be the most comprehensive program in Prague, (being as it included shenanigans lol) so I proceeded to apply and the second occurrence was I received a call from a rather odd fast talking man that was blunt, honest and a bit charming, and I was sold.  I can say with all honesty that TLH has lived up to it’s claims.

10444330_10154228338400570_9123387344591673408_nI was met and welcomed at the airport, I had wonderful accommodation with a working and educated past TLH student who was instrumental in helping me get settled into Prague and the course.  I learned quickly that the course is a learning process and it is not just what you do in between beers, I had to study and work pretty hard to complete the course and for that it gained my respect and gratitude because once completed I was prepared and fully equipped to walk out into Prague as a teacher with confidence in my new abilities. The school is located in a convenient centralized area of town and there was always someone around when I started to feel lost or confused, which does happen, but gratefully I was not alone TLH, it‘s staff, past and present students were always near to offer a hand.

I learned things that I didn’t even know I didn’t know like Grammar for instance.  I was given sound advice on finding my own flat and a job that I would enjoy, both of which were achieved within a matter of a week or two after graduation. I was given harsh reality of the fact that central Europe is not an extension of America and I should not treat as if it is.  In the course I was joined and befriended by an amazing group of people that has made my stay here in Prague a joy and an unforgettable experience. Within all I was offered by TLH I feel as though I received more than I paid for because I also received a body of people that have become a home away from home and at the age of 38.…The experience of my life.

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