Teach Abroad

Teaching abroad is life-changing experience. The Language House TEFL gives you the training, qualifications and support to be an effective teacher anywhere worldwide. Due to travel uncertainty with the Coronavirus, we are offering all new applicants a $150 discount on all future courses. You will have the ability to move your course to a different month (discount included) if you encounter travel problems, without penalty. This city, this course, and our staff, are amazing. We want you to have this experience and we will be flexible with you.

The Most Popular TEFL Certification Course in Central Europe

The world is filled with different kinds of TEFL courses, and they vary widely in terms of what they offer. If you want to get the most out of your training, and you want a qualification to take you far, only look at courses that are onsite and have actual teaching practice. These are usually 4 weeks long and have at least 6 hours of teaching practice. Online courses and shorter courses are usually not regarded as legitimate by many schools worldwide.

The Language House TEFL is without a doubt the most popular TEFL certification course in the Czech Republic and one of the most popular in Europe. We are very well reviewed online on multiple blogs and review sites. In 2015, 2017 and 2018 we were awarded runner-up out of all TEFL certification courses worldwide by GoAbroad.com. This is out of over 100 TEFL/TESOL certification courses. Our large staff, extra practice teaching and community support make TLH TEFL stand out.

We offer a variety of things that other courses do not provide – job assistance, visa assistance, housing assistance, a city orientation program, community events and plenty of fun parties. One thing to note is that we are tough. We do twice the amount of teaching practice than just about anyone else. This makes the course extremely intense, but you leave our doors well trained.

The balance that we create between having fun and working hard is what people like about us. We have been operating since 2004 and are completely accredited and externally monitored for quality by IATQuO in England. The price of the course is $1525 and that includes everything aside from housing. We do offer tons of different discounts for coming with friends and paying early, so the actual price might be quite less than this.

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Prague is safe, beautiful, inexpensive and one of the most interesting cities in Europe. It is also still viable for non-EU citizens to get legal and find work. Prague is the perfect place to start your teaching adventure, and our graduates love it. Most cherish their time in Prague for years to come. Check out our living in Prague videos here.

Most of our students are native English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa. The average age range is between 20-35 years old. Not a native English speaker? That’s okay. As long as you are fluent in English, you can be considered for our course. Are you older? That’s okay, too. We train people of all ages and backgrounds. We like our trainees to have university degrees, but it is not mandatory.

We help with everything! That includes visas, housing, jobs, social events, networking, monthly parties, taxes, and so much more. We pledge to assist you with everything you need to get started in Prague or anywhere else in the world. This is unique.

Our Graduate Community

The Language House Graduates

The Language House TEFL is not just a TEFL certification course but also a community of graduates and trainers. We stay connected with all of our graduates via social media and in person and have active networks in Prague and worldwide. Our graduates come to our school whenever they want to use our resources and get some help.

With many TEFL certification courses, you only get the training, and when you graduate, you’re on your own to navigate a foreign country. With The Language House TEFL, you get so much more.

Do you want to work in Prague? Great, we’ll get you employed! Do you want to work somewhere else? We’ll help with that too! We have the contacts and recruiters to make it happen all over the world. Many of them offer great teaching packages only for our graduates. Our job assistance is for life. This means that at any time you want or need assistance, even years down the line, we’re here to help you. Most courses do not offer this and it’s one of the great advantages of signing up with us.

We often have special deals and discounts for our classes, especially for the months of February, April, October and November. If your dates are flexible and you want to save some money, ask us about current course discounts. Generally, the earlier you sign up for a course, the more you can potentially save. Contact us about this! You might save hundreds of dollars on tuition.

If you are even thinking about teaching abroad, send in an application. It costs nothing, and there’s no initial commitment. We are happy to set up a phone call with you to go over all of your questions related to teaching abroad and The Language House TEFL. Go on our dates and prices section, find a date you want, and then send in an application. Need to switch your date later? No problem at all. We are completely flexible and can accommodate you and your schedule.