teaching English as a foreign language

TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language. There are currently hundreds of thousands of English language teachers teaching throughout the world.

An incomparable experience

While the idea of leaving your home country and moving abroad for a year, two years or a lifetime seems like an impossibility, it’s not. Most teachers that teach TEFL do it for a year or so and love their time abroad.

The experience of teaching abroad is incomparable to really anything else and your time abroad will be filled with adventure, experiential learning, and intense memories that will last a lifetime. Aside from that, the experience will teach you how to adapt and understand new cultures and how to become a more flexible and resilient person.

What is TEFL/TESOL certificate?

TEFL certificate Prague

A TEFL (TESOL) certificate is an introductory qualification that trains you how to teach English to language students. Most courses are fairly rigorous and deal heavy on the practical side of language teaching.

There are a variety of courses out there in the market, but most language schools only recognize courses that actual contain real teaching practice with students. The Language House recommends, regardless if you take your training with us or not, to attend a full length (4 week) course and be wary of online or weekend courses that do not have actual teaching practice.

Benefits of Taking a TEFL course

There is the possibility of teaching in some countries and with some organizations without a TEFL. However, many of these positions are volunteer jobs where you are working as an assistant for another teacher and the pay can be minimal.

Obtaining a TEFL certificate will open many doors of employment worldwide for you, increase your actual salary, but most importantly train you on how to do the job right. Teaching is a skill. If you don’t know what you are doing or how to do it, the job will not be as rewarding and your students will suffer.

The Language House TEFL / TESOL offers nearly twice the amount of real language teaching than most courses worldwide and the industry standard. We hand train about a dozen language teachers each month that come to our door knowing nothing and leave competent, confident and technically versed to handle a multiple of different teaching situations.