Teaching in Thailand with TLH Graduate, Zach

Last Updated: on October 31, 2022 by The Language House


With all of it’s welcoming vibes, beautiful sights, and sandy beaches, it should absolutely be considered when deciding where your TEFL certification can lead you.

I took The Language House TEFL course in February 2016 and stayed in Prague until October 2017. In Prague, I was first employed in a forest kindergarten called Zive Deti, and then at the international kindergarten Jesle a Skolka Bambino – Vinohrady.

I absolutely love Prague, and had excellent experiences working in schools with my Zivno work permit. Prague is so captivating and wonderful that it is easy to get too comfortable, and forget that there are many other places in the world that need to be explored!

Your TEFL certification can take you really anywhere in the world.

I am from Texas, and Prague’s winters became a huge catalyst in the search for a new place with a more favorable climate. My roommate and fellow TLH alum and I decided on Thailand, and we could not have made a better decision.
I also brought my dog with me from Prague if you have questions on how to make that happen!

We live on Phuket island, 5 minutes to one of the nicest beaches..possibly in existence. There are TONS of job opportunities here in Phuket. I had several interviews with schools upon arrival.Unfortunately, I came to find that the salaries offered, combined with the distance from the beaches, that teaching in an actual school was not going to work for me.I found a way that I could have my cake and eat it too, with online teaching.

I began teaching children and adults online with the company 51 TALK, over the summer before I left Prague. It was slow at first but has picked up tremendously, enough that I now make more than most offers I have seen in schools. I usually work 2 or 3 hours in the morning and then 4 or 5 at night depending on how much I would like to make each month. With online teaching, you truly are your own boss and can work as much or as little as you want. As long as you have stable internet connection, the world is yours.

There are LOTS of online teaching companies with varying pay rates generally ranging from 15 to 25 USD an hour. Now came the tricky part. Staying in Thailand long term without a proper working visa without a job at a Thai school. There are a few options here, but I found that obtaining an education visa for learning Thai, another language, or even studying muay Thai is the best route.

You can stay for up to one year without having to leave the country (after your initial visa run.) Teaching online without a Thai working visa is illegal, but seems to be the normal route for teachers I have met here.

Like I said if you are looking for legitimate work from a government school it is here. I just really wanted to feel like I was living in Thailand when I got here. I live in the jungle and my life is amazing. My TEFL certification opened the door to teaching online, and teaching online has allowed me to make a comfortable living on a tropical island. I honestly feel retired at 27 years old!

If you have any questions about coming to Thailand feel free to ask The Language House TEFL

Zach Morgan