Guaranteed Tefl Job

Guaranteed Tefl Job

Finding Employment as English Teacher

Are you worried about taking our course and not finding employment? We are so confident in our training and job assistance that we offer a money-back guarantee.

Teaching Job Guarantee in Prague

Teaching Job Guarantee in Prague

The Language House TEFL is proud to offer a job guarantee in Prague to all future trainees of our TEFL course.

Due to the top-notch training of our course, graduate community, job assistance, job board, and connections, language schools in the area are constantly seeking our graduates (directly) for employment.

Most of our graduates gain employment within a few weeks of completing their TEFL course. However, if you do not find ESL employment after 60 days, we will refund 50% of your course fee.

There are few TEFL certification courses in the world that are confident enough to put this in writing. An ESL job refers to 15 hours a week or more of total employment.

Note, that this is not job placement. All of our grads have to go on interviews and impress employers with their new teaching skills. After nearly 20 years in operation, this has never been a problem for our graduates.

Stipulations For Gaining a Teaching Position

We do have just a few stipulations that we will need you to follow:

  • You must graduate from the TEFL course on the regular graduation date of your course. This includes the completion of all written assignments, tests, and other assignments.
  • You must show proof that you have applied to at least 20 English teaching jobs in Prague, and have followed through with the job process. Evidence must include email correspondence, interviews that you went on, resumes sent…etc.
  • You have attended our job fairs.
  • If you have clear teaching-related issues as observed and noted by TLH staff, you have taken the steps to improve them (with our direction).
  • You have been in contact with our job coordinator at least 30 days prior to the 60-day deadline to let us know you were having difficulty finding work.
  • You must be a native speaker or have English language proficiency of that of a native speaker.
Guaranteed Tefl Job Stipulations For Gaining a Teaching Position

Job Assurance in Prague

Job Assurance in Prague as part of the our Guaranteed Tefl Job

A job guarantee* is a great assurance of the quality of our course. Still, it should be noted that The Language House TEFL is more dedicated to getting you a quality teaching job and not just any teaching job out there. Please read up on our job assistance content to learn more about how we make this possible. 

*Our job guarantee does not include employment issues related to potential complications with the visa process. This can include visa rejections or delays that might hinder the hiring process.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.