Our Job Assistance

Our Job Assistance


Get a job within one week of course completion. Aside from top-notch teacher training and almost double the practice teaching hours of other courses, we provide the necessary tools and assistance to help you begin your new teaching career right away.

Fantastic Job Assistance + Job Guarantee

Job assistance is such an important aspect of a TEFL course and many TEFL certification programs offer hardly any assistance to help their graduates find work post course. At The Language House TEFL, we offer a wide range of assistance to make sure our graduates find work in Prague and around the world. On top this, we are one of the few TEFL courses brave enough to offer a money back job guarantee.

We’re proud of our success rate! Around 95% of graduates who look for work in Prague secure employment within one to three weeks of course completion. Nearly 100% of graduates who job hunt in Asia get employed. Many students begin their job search during the course and find employment before it ends.

After nearly 20 years in operation, we’ve refined the best methods for our graduates to find work in Prague and abroad. We offer lifetime job assistance.


The Language House TEFL is easily the most popular TEFL certification course in Prague. We train more teachers each month than most of the other courses combined. This means that there probably is not a language school in Prague who hasn’t employed our graduates in the past. Language schools in Prague know the quality of training and seek our graduates out directly. Our solid reputation allows our graduates to often get hired by schools before the course even ends.

A CV is a different from a resume, and you may be surprised what you should and shouldn’t include for teaching positions. During the course we’ll show you exactly what to highlight to make yourself the most marketable. We’ll then workshop your CV with you to make any necessary changes. We can also review and redraft cover letters.

Additionally, we conduct individual mock interviews during the course. You’ll get a realistic simulation of the type of questions you’ll be asked and suggestions for how to improve. We’ll make sure you’re well equipped to handle whatever hiring managers might throw at you, so you feel prepared and relaxed when it comes time for a real interview.

Meet our Language House TEFL Emissaries.

Graduate Masks

Tight-knit network of graduates around the world

Our tight-knit network of graduates really sets The Language House TEFL apart from other schools. You’ll meet a variety of graduates through TLH social events during the course, and be welcomed into our community. Our alumni in Prague run theater groups, comedy nights, sports teams, writing clubs, hiking and exploring trips, online teaching co-working groups and so much more. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find like-minded individuals and easily forge strong bonds.

You’ll also gain access to our online forums, which are for our alumni teaching in Prague, Asia, and elsewhere. They are an invaluable resource to connect with your fellow teachers and learn from their experiences. Our graduates constantly post job openings at their schools, contacts for private students looking for lessons, apartment openings, and other tips and tricks. It’s so much easier to find work quickly when you have a personal connection to help you. Additionally, you can find warnings about schools and employers to avoid. There are unfortunately some scams and disorganized companies in TEFL, so it’s important to hear about other’s real-life experiences and make sure you are making a smart choice.

For almost any country you want to work in, we can provide a personal connection who can help you get a real sense of what it’s like and answer your questions.


Through a decade and a half of successful operation, we’ve built strong relationships with schools in Prague and abroad. During the course, several language schools will visit the school in person to inform you about their current job openings. You’ll be able to meet them, ask questions, and give them your CV in person. This gets you a huge leg up over other teachers sending in applications by email. Additionally, many schools know and respect The Language House, so they specifically contact us when they have job openings. You’ll receive information about relevant job opportunities several times per week.

We are happy to write letters of recommendation for all successful graduates. We can also speak with hiring managers over the phone to provide more information. Then, we’ll follow up with you down the line to see how you’re doing. Whether you graduated last week, last month or even years ago, we are happy to help you secure work in the TEFL field. Our job assistance is for life.

TEFL teaching opportunities are not just limited to Prague. We also work with a variety of recruiters worldwide that will help you get employed all over the world. For example, we have a dedicated recruiter for EPIK, the most popular teaching program in South Korea. We also have a special deal with Echo in China that gets you a 650 USD signing bonus. Many of graduates spend some time teaching in Asia and save a lot of money doing so, thanks to higher salaries and lower cost of living. Furthermore, we have an archive of information on teaching around the world. You’ll be free to peruse a wealth of information including contacts of past graduates living there, average salaries, living conditions, and the general teaching environment for every major teaching destination around the world.