over 30 grammar videos available

A great new resource to start learning English grammar before your TEFL certification course begins in Prague.

Grammar Course Introduction

Having a solid grammatical base is one of the cornerstones to great teaching. Unfortunately, so many TEFL/CELTA courses hardly cover language awareness at all. If you want to teach well, you have to have to know the ins and outs of English grammar. What's the structure of the Present Perfect Simple and can you name three functions? What is the difference between would and used to? What are the different categories of State Verbs? Most native English speakers would not be able to answer one of these questions.

One of the aims of The Language House TEFL course is for our trainees to leave the course with not only the skills of how to teach but also with excellent language awareness. To achieve this, we launched a new online grammar course for all of our new TEFL trainees. This is an amazing new resource for Language House TEFL trainees and is completely free once you secure your spot on our course. The grammar course consists of over 33 videos, made by Language House TEFL staff, covering all of the grammar topics you’ll be teaching and tested on for your TEFL certification. It's not just videos either. This is a full, comprehensive grammar course. We'll give you access about 5 weeks before the start of your course date. The grammar course is a pre-course assignment and mandatory to complete before the start of your course.


  • Animated videos
  • Flashcards
  • Cheat sheets
  • mini assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Comment sections
  • A final grammar roundup during the first week.

Some sample videos

Zero Conditional

The Future Perfect

Passive Voice

State Verbs

Once you apply and secure your spot on our course in Prague, you will get complete access to the entire grammar course free of charge.