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Good! We’ll help you make your dreams of teaching in Prague (and other locations) a reality.

Need support finding work?

Already TEFL certified but need support finding work and making the move abroad? Do you want to teach in Prague, the Czech Republic and surrounding countries, but don’t know how to get started? Have you graduated from another TEFL course provider and have been
disappointed with the lack of support they are offering? We’ve heard this all before and we are here to help you.

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The Language House TEFL’s Job and Guidance Package will help with everything necessary to successfully make the move and set up shop in Prague. We’ll take away the stress and uncertainty and replace it with a working plan for success that will save you money in the long run. The cost of Job and Guidance Package is 400 USD and includes fantastic training, job assistance, network assistance, and a bunch of really great extras. Please read below to find out everything that is included. If your heart is set on teaching in Prague, you will make your dream a reality and save you money in the process.


Who is the Job and Guidance Package Useful for?

TEFL certified or experienced English teachers who want to move to Prague.

Teachers without a valid TEFL certification.
All Language House TEFL students already get these services at no extra charge - so it’s not for them either 🙂
If you don’t have a TEFL certification yet, please sign up for our regular 4-week course.

"The Job and Guidance package was a huge help when I first moved to Prague! I was able to attend orientation, ask questions about the visa process, and learn how to find an apartment in Prague. The program also invited me to workshops that discussed freelancing, teaching in schools, and the benefits of tutoring online. In addition, I was able to meet other TEFL students, network with alums, and join in on the fun outings organized by The Language House. I highly recommend using this program. They helped me so much!" Rose Lavelle, 2018 participant

Why is it so Hard to Move to Prague Without support?

Moving to Prague requires a lot of planning and work to be successful. You have to understand the visa process, find an apartment, make friends, and get employed. This doesn’t even include all the little things like setting up a bank account, getting a phone plan, having a résumé that works, learning about the transportation system, taxes, and having a supportive network of people to guide you in your new home. Employing schools don’t help with these things. Most schools won’t even consider hiring you from abroad. You have to do it all onsite! Flying out to a new country with the hopes of getting employed and creating a new life is a huge emotional and financial risk. Our Job and Guidance package will not only handle all of these logistics for you but ultimately save you money in the long run. Check out what's offered below!

12 Features of the Job and Guidance Package

Learn all the Ins and Outs of Teaching in Prague. Want to learn more information about the Job and Guidance Package and
teaching in Prague/the Czech Republic? Great! We will set up a complimentary call with you and go over all the details about what it’s like to teach and live in this part of the world. We already have the most successful TEFL certification course in the region, we are in no interest to sell you something that doesn’t make sense if you don’t need it. We can decide all of this over the phone.

When to Leave, Arrive and Get Hired. We’ll help you plan your move perfectly. This includes when to leave, what to bring with you, how to get there and a point by point timeline to make sure your transition from arriving to working is successful.

Brush up Your Teaching Skills with 2 Weeks of Our Course. One main feature of the Job and Guidance Package is sitting in on 2 weeks of our award-winning TEFL certification course. This will help to tighten up your teaching skills, introduce you to new methodology and connect you with our 4-week TEFL trainees. This is a fantastic way to bond with new teachers in the same position as you’re in.

4. Housing Assistance

We’ve got a Place for You to Stay and Help to Find.
Your Long-term Accommodation Temporary housing in Prague is hard to find and expensive. Sure, you can Airbnb for a month, but that will cost you a lot of money. Stay with us in our student housing. Not only do we have a variety of reasonably priced housing options, but you’ll also live with our current TEFL students. Book your accommodation with us and we’ll have car service pick you up from the airport for free. During your training, we’ll go over all of the helpful tips and tricks needed to find long-term housing.

5. Finding Work and Getting Employed

Probably the main feature of the Job and Guidance package.
Sit in on all of our job workshops, open houses for language schools, view our job boards and meet with us individually for guidance. We’ll connect you with reputable schools, help you draft resumes, work on interviewing, and help you craft a great demo lesson.
Want to teach kids? Adults? Online? We help with everything. Our goal is for you to be interviewing with schools within 7 days of your arrival and having employment in under 2-3 weeks.

Job and Guidance Package Details...

We’ll go over all the information about the visa process prior to your arrival, so you’ll know what to bring with you and what to expect. The full-service visa assistance is extra, but you’ll get the same price and assistance as our regular 4-week TEFL students.

Moving abroad alone is hard. Don’t do it on your own. One of the main aims of the Job and Guidance package is introducing you to dozens of trainees and teachers who will be a great opportunity to establish and expand your professional networks as well as social circles. This seems like a small thing, but these connections and friendships are what make this package work. Within a few days of your arrival in Prague, you’ll be introduced to dozens of Expats, new and old, in the city.

The Language House

When people think of The Language House TEFL, they think of two things: great training and a fantastic, caring community of graduates and staff. We treat all Job and Guidance participants as if they were our own graduates. You’ll be invited to all of our parties, meet-ups and groups. Not just in Prague, but worldwide. We’ll add you to our alumni forums and include you in everything school related.

9. Specials and Extras

Are all of these things above not enough! Well, here’s a bit more. If you are under 26, we’ll give you a student pass that will save you nearly 40% off your long-term Prague travel pass. You’ll also receive a year membership to - a great video lesson planning website, complete with 180 great lesson plans and materials - for free! A year membership alone retails at 119 USD for the year. You get it for free.

10. Why this is the Right Program?

If you are passionate about teaching in the Czech Republic and want to manage everything on your own, you are more than welcome to. However, the amount of stress and money you will save by using our help and guidance, plus all of the extras, more than equals the price of the program. The money for housing and pickup alone is already a few hundred dollars. If you meet our requirements for entry, we can essentially guarantee your success. While you will be flying to Prague on your own, you will arriving into a caring community of teachers, students and friends.

Teaching English in Prague

Job and Guidance Package Details...

Phone plans, internet, banking accounts, travel passes, learning the public transport system… We help with everything.

Our school is yours and we mean that. You get the same access as our grads do for printing, scanning, copying, and lesson creation.

The Language House TEFL Scholarship Award

The cost of the Job and Guidance package is 400 USD. That includes everything aside from the full visa service and temporary housing.
(see housing options)
Full visa assistance
(not included, but available)

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