Join our award-winning TEFL certification course

Even if you are not interested in staying in Prague, The Language House TEFL program has many advantages that other programs do not or cannot offer. Read up on the reasons below.

Our course advantages

The Language House TEFL is ranked one of the most popular onsite TEFL certification courses in the world. We are’s runner up in 2015 and 2017 for all TEFL certification courses worldwide on their website. We are also fully accredited and externally monitored by an outside educational body.

Online courses simply do not offer nearly the level of training and support as onsite courses do. If you want to get hired by language schools worldwide, invest in yourself and take a real, onsite course. You will have greater success finding employment, earn more money and be a better teacher overall.

Language House TEFL trainees get more observed teaching experience than just about any other TEFL course on the market. Learning EFL/ESL theory is great, but if it is not put into practice, it doesn’t help much. Your ability to teach well will grow as a direct measure of the amount of actual teaching practice that you undertake.

The magical city of Prague

Prague is a magical place to study

Prague is simply beautiful. Why get your training at home when you can train to be a teacher in one of the most magical cities in the world? Taking an equivalent course in the US, UK, or Canada will approximately equal the same cost as your entire stay in Prague including airfare, accommodation, and tuition fees.

Isn’t the entire point to travel and see the world?
Prague’s central location in Europe makes it a perfect jumping point for other European destinations. There are so many beautiful countries, cities and towns just hours away by bus or train.

More course advantages

The point of any TEFL certification course is to get you real teaching practice to prepare you for your new career. A course in the US, UK or Canada cannot offer you realistic practice students. Teaching students who live in an English speaking country is so much different than when you are teaching students abroad. It is so important to have real teaching experience that is observed and critiqued by professionals.

Extensive and personalized job assistance for Prague and worldwide (for life). Check out our Teaching Jobs menu to find out all of the job assistance we offer post course.

Finally, and most importantly, we offer more than just a 4-week course. With us, you become part of our community and we help you with everything. This can be finding an apartment, making new friends, networking in the city, and other things that can pop up when you move abroad. Our vibrant community and post graduate support is what makes us so special. It is also what has made us become the largest and most popular TEFL certification course in Prague. Our network is extensive! Check out our Language House Emissaries to get support working in dozens of countries around the world.
Aside from this, we also offer complimentary alumni discount cards that save our students money on businesses and services all over Prague.

Here are some of the benefits of The Language House TEFL course

  • A highly-intensive TEFL certificate which meets international standards and combines the most effective instructional teaching methods through workshops, guest speakers, video, audio, trainer observations, and teaching practice
  • Fully Accredited and Externally Monitored by IATQuO
  • Personalized job assistance to help you find employment anywhere in the world
  • Free online video grammar course consisting of 30+ videos, quizzes, study cards, cheat sheets, challenges and interactive comment sections
  • Fantastic visa assistance from our in-house visa company, Visa Guru
  • Optional add on accredited certificate for teaching kids and young learners TLH TEFL YLT (unique to The Language House) click here
  • A highly supportive community of trainers and graduates from the course that are available for help and to network with all across the world
  • A very reasonable price with many extras included (see dates and prices)
  • A conveniently-located school right in the middle of historic Prague (see map)
  • Over 14 hours of teaching practice, observed by teacher-trainers, including four different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced classes (unique to The Language House), and one-on-one business practice
  • Online forums with all of our graduates working in Prague and Asia, which is great for making friends and finding jobs
  • Trainer observations of ESL methodology in real classroom settings
  • Six hours of survival Czech
  • Immediate job assistance – You will be contacted by our job assistance coordinator about 4 weeks before the start of your course
  • Comfortable, fully-furnished housing in apartments or hotels for the month of the course
  • Dynamic learner-centered approach to teaching
  • Signing bonuses with our partner schools in Asia
  • Optimally-sized courses with a max of 16 students per classroom