We Make Great English Teachers

In 4 rigorous weeks we will give you the skills, qualifications and assistance to teach English anywhere in the world. Watch our video to learn more about the methodology taught on the course.

Learning how to teach English

In one month The Language House TEFL course turns apprehensive applicants into confident, professional teachers. However, this in turn equals a lot of hard work, and our TEFL course is more demanding, more hands on and more intense than the industry standard. The course is great for individuals with zero teaching experience and those with teaching experience, but no formal qualifications in EFL.

So what will you be learning? Take a look at the course components and a typical day at school.

Course Components...

In your 4 weeks training with us, you will be learning different types of effective teaching methodologies. This ranges from learning about broad, theoretical teaching methods, to specific tips and tricks to use in the classroom (that really do work!).

With lots of practice teaching comes the need for lots of lesson planning. We always have staff members onsite to guide you through creating lessons. At The Language House TEFL, we don’t just have you teach pre-made lesson plans. Instead, we have you create your own from scratch. This includes all of your activities, props and worksheets to make your lessons creative and unique.

We have a large staff of about 12 teachers. All of them are dedicated to your success and will help you during course hours (and often outside of class) to make sure you grow and succeed as a teacher. We’ve all been in your shoes; we get it.

Observed teaching practice with real students

The Language House TEFL is all about real, hands on teaching practice. Teaching English is a skill. There is simply no substitute for actual classroom practice and there is no way to become competent in the classroom from strictly online instruction. During the course you will get experience teaching 3 different levels and get feedback from 3 separate observers. We are proud to say that we offer almost twice the amount of real teaching practice hours as many similar TEFL certifications worldwide. This extra amount of teaching practice is one of the reasons for our popularity. “So what?” you might be saying. Well, you will have a clear format to follow and adapt and confidence in your ability to create lessons from scratch for any level of student once you hit the real world. Demo lessons are often a required part of any interview. Luckily for you, you will have your own portfolio of various types of lessons to show and to utilize.

YLT Certificate

A Typical Day

Teaching English in Prague

Fun and engaging workshops

9:30-13:00 EFL workshops: Fun and engaging workshops to teach you current EFL methodology.

13:00 -14:00 Lunch

14:00-17:00 Lesson planning: Guided lesson planning with our staff to help you craft your own teaching materials and activities.

17:00-20:00 Teaching Practice: Hands on observed teaching practice with real students.

Fridays we don’t have teaching (hurray!) with a final workshop ending at 15.30.

Weekends: No class on weekends, but we usually organize trips, outings and meet-ups to fun places in the city. There are also weekly homework assignments.

More Course Components...

Aside from teaching group classes, trainees must complete 3 hours of teaching practice with a private student. This is extremely useful as most teachers have a combination of private and language school students. By finding, setting up meetings, and creating an individualized lesson arc for your student, you’ll be one step ahead of the pack before you’ve even begun professionally teaching.

On the course, you’ll learn how to create dynamic, fun and useful materials. We try to stay away from textbooks and train you how to make materials on your own. This can be a difficult process for even experienced teachers, but with our guidance, the results work. In fact, we strive to show you how to make the best use of available resources and encourage you to explore your own imagination within the safety of a solid lesson plan framework.

Our goal is to not simply have you understand the basics. Anyone can be an average teacher.  We want you to be able to go into a classroom and completely own it with dynamic teaching techniques, creative materials and an engaging presence. Our course is demanding. Our standards are high. If you give us 4 weeks of dedication, we will make you a better teacher than you can imagine being.

Most native speakers know very little about English grammar. Even worse, many TEFL certificate centers opt to ignore language awareness completely. This is not the case with us. Not only do we have grammar workshops, grammar teaching, grammar homework and grammar tests, but we also have a great (and free) video grammar course for all of our students. With The Language House TEFL, you will come out of our course adept in English grammar. It is simply impossible to teach English well without understanding English grammar yourself. Being able to understand grammar from beyond a purely intuitive perspective will gift you with additional confidence when your students invariably ask you to explain the difference between the present perfect and the past simple.

We don’t just offer expert training, but everything related to being successful abroad. This includes visa help, networking, job assistance, housing assistance, learning Czech, social outings and get-togethers. These extras, and more specifically, our Language House community, is what make our course shine. If you are worried about being alone abroad, don’t be. Check out online forums and Facebook groups if you think these extras are not notable. You’ll see that dealing with the foreign police, Czech landlords, and making connections abroad is no easy feat without proper support. Let the ever growing Language House community be your constant sounding board and friend.