Will Miller

Last Updated: on July 23, 2022 by The Language House

Taught in Prague

644517_4974174113952_520215719_nMy name is William. After graduating university two summers ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to live in a foreign country, rather than sweat it out at some backbreaking job in the States. After looking at TEFL programs online,  I decided on The Language House and arrived in July 2012.  Back then, I hadn’t the slightest idea about teaching, and only a vague idea of what to expect in Prague (a city I had never visited). Not only did the Language House provide me with the training and accreditation to successfully teach English anywhere in the world, it also happened to provide me with a network of friends, many of whom I will always keep in touch with.

1382799_10102728412805697_1338331276_nAs of now, I have lived almost 2 years in Prague. Since my first day here, I have had easily the best time of my life. I’ve made many friends, met a wonderful girl here, learned a good deal of the local language, and have been able to travel frequently to surrounding countries and cities, including Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Netherlands. Also, while I no longer teach English, I was able to use my experience as a teacher to spring up and work at a cool technology startup in the city.

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