Over 1,000 Graduates

The Language House TEFL is one of the oldest TEFL training centers in Prague and the only American owned TEFL certification course in the region.

Successfully administering TEFL certificate courses since 2004.

The goal of TLH TEFL is to create a friendly, supportive and non-corporate TEFL course that offers expert training as well as a personal relationship with our students that larger chain courses cannot provide.

What makes TLH TEFL different is simple. We offer more training, more teaching practice, more hands on support and more post course support than most other courses do worldwide. We are also internationally accredited and externally monitored.

What really makes us stand out though is our sense of community and this is the true reason for our success over the years. We keep in touch with our graduates and it is common once the course is over for everyone to remain friends with each other network with other past graduates in the city and worldwide.

Getting Comfortable.

We actually make it a tradition for past courses to take out the new course during the first week of training. This ensures that by the end of course, you already know dozens of people in the city. We have an extensive network of past graduates teaching in Prague, Europe and Asia and have active, helpful online forums where people can network with each other.

Living abroad can be stressful and whether it is a positive and successful experience or not will depend on the people you meet and the relationships that you develop. Networking can be from as simple as meeting up in a new city in South Korea, to sharing job interview tips, finding roommates or anything else you would need help with.

We believe that fostering these relationships and helping you find a network of friends is just as important as the TEFL training and we try to do our best to help.If you have any questions at all or would like to chat about the course and teaching abroad, please contact us and we will arrange a phone call.


IATQuO Accreditation

TLH TEFL is fully accredited and externally monitored by IATQuO (International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organizations).


This involves quarterly rigorous inspections of our curriculum, course materials, tutors/trainers and facilities. There are only two other courses in Prague that are externally monitored.

What does this mean?

Being accredited means that there is an outside body that has checked and approved of the curriculum, training, staff qualifications, course materials and facilities of the TEFL/TESOL program. Many programs are not accredited and thus have not been inspected by anyone. This does not mean that the course is necessarily bad, but it might not have the same weight internationally as one that is. It also gives an assurance that you are getting solid training by professionals in the field. Please note that being a member of an organization is not the same as actually being accredited.

Memberships & Partnerships

The Language House TEFL is an institutional member of the
College of Teachers U.K. and abides by its code of practice:

College of Teachers





International TEFL Academy

The Language House TEFL cooperates closely with dozens of different international educational bodies including:
Czech Ministry of Education
Footprints Recruiting
Dave’s ESL Cafe
Teach Abroad