Why? Why? Why?

Teaching English abroad is a wonderful, life-changing experience that everyone should have. Check out the top 10 reasons to teach abroad from our graduates.

So many reasons...

With our TEFL certification, your success abroad is practically guaranteed in Prague and dozens of countries around the world. Put in 4 weeks of hard work and we will assist you to make your teaching abroad goals become a reality.

Living in a foreign country is exciting. You don’t know what adventures are out there just waiting for you to show up. Maybe you want to teach in beautiful Prague with its gothic architecture, eat sushi in Japan, have tapas in Barcelona, or work on a remote island off the coast of South Korea. There are endless possibilities for where you can live and work.

In a society that is becoming more and more disconnected and isolated, teaching offers the experience of face-to-face communication with new people everyday. This can range from teaching groups of pre-schoolers to working in companies teaching businessmen and women. Working and helping other people grow in their language abilities is rewarding. You develop relationships with all sorts of different students from diverse backgrounds.


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Support yourself anywhere in the world

With our TEFL certification, job assistance, network and support, you can support yourself anywhere in the world. This is great for people who want to travel the globe and work at the same time. Whichever lifestyle you choose, whether it’s becoming a digital nomad or setting down roots in Prague, being a TLH graduate can lay the foundation you need to get started. Many countries offer great salaries for teachers with a TEFL certification.   

It doesn’t have to be a career

One of the great things about teaching abroad is that it does not have to be a lifelong career change. Most teachers teach for about 1-2 years and love their time abroad. Some graduates decide to teach indefinitely. You can craft your English teaching future without being locked into any specific track. Whether you are right out of school, in-between jobs, retired, or simply want a change in your life, teaching offers a great way to have a wonderful experience without investing too much time or sacrificing your career goals.

Teaching English in Prague

Character Building

Teaching and living abroad isn’t always easy. There’s a lot to learn and figure out. You have to navigate a new culture, new language and new life. All of this is a continuous type of learning and it builds character. This is personal development, and overall grit, that you can take with you forever.

a few more...

Teaching and living abroad immerses you in a completely different culture and way of life. This translates to a deeper understanding of different people and the larger world that we live in.

Many of our graduates were terrified of public speaking before taking the course. Teaching English is a great way to get hundreds (if not thousands) of hours getting comfortable in front of others. This translates to better presentation, listening and overall communication skills in the real world.

Aside from public speaking, teaching develops a multitude of soft skills that can be transferred to other professions. Creative thinking, flexibility, time management, patience and conflict resolution are just a few honorable mentions. It’s simply fun to learn and excel at a new profession while strengthening your soft skills.


Making Memories at the Language House TEFL

Unforgettable memories

With intense experiences come intense friendships and memories. The people you meet, the places you see and things you experience are likely to be more vivid and transformative than what you would experience by spending another year at home.

Of all graduates polled, close to 98% viewed the entire experience of teaching abroad as being meaningful and worthwhile. They also viewed The Language House TEFL training and support essential to their success. If any of the benefits above resonate with you, consider taking this step towards exciting possibilities teaching English abroad.