Frequently asked questions

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Week 1: Your first class is from 9:30 am - 11:00 am. You will have a 30-minute break and return for a second class from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm. You will have a 1-hour lunch break and return for a third 90-minute class from 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm. During these classes, you are learning anything from TEFL methodologies, different types of lesson plans, grammar, teaching different levels of English, teaching different ages, and much more.

Week 2-4: You will still have your two morning 90-minute classes. Rather than a lunch break and a third 90-minute class in the afternoon, you will have a large break from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. This break is your time, and you can use it how you please. Most students eat lunch and return to the school to work on their lesson plans, use our resources, and get extra help from teachers. At 5:00 pm, Czech students that sign up for our monthly English lessons come to the school. You will teach a 45-minute English lesson and observe two of your classmates teach a 45-minute lesson as well. One of your teachers will observe your lessons and will provide you with feedback once completed. Each week, you will teach a different level of Czech students - Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced. You will teach Monday - Thursday evenings. On Friday, you get out early, and we culminate the end of a successful week with a fun activity!

You will get a total of 15 hours taught in both a small group setting and 1:1 lessons.

No! We start from the ground up and don’t expect you coming to Prague knowing anything about teaching. Be ready to learn, work hard, and have fun, and you will be just fine.

This is one of the core methodologies that we will teach you on day 1 of the course. You are actually at an advantage if you don’t know the native language of the students that you are teaching because you cannot rely on translating words and concepts for your students.

Our pre-grammar modules and quizzes will be released to you about 1-month prior to your course beginning. Take these seriously, as grammar is a large component of the course. Try not to be nervous about teaching, and remember that your students are more nervous than you are!

The orientation is a mix of useful info about Prague (public transportation, phone setup, visa info, etc.) and fun activities (castle tour, dinner at a medieval tavern, scavenger hunt, beer tasting). It's the best way to meet your new classmates and bond before the intensity of the course starts. Usually almost everyone signs up for it.

The Young Learners & Teens (YLT) Certification is an additional 12 hour, optional certificate that you can complete during your TEFL program. Upon completion, you'll leave the course with two internationally recognized, accredited certificates. Our YLT specific training takes places during the second half of the course. There will be "normal" classes going on at the same time, for example while YLT students are learning about Class Management, the rest of our students are learning about Teaching with Technology. You will be able to get everything you might have missed on other classes; but student's haven't found this to be a problem. The 12 hours consists of Ages&Development, Class Management, Lesson Planning, T(w)eens, Materials & Skills Practice, Preschool, and Methodology.

About 2/3 of our students do opt for the YLT certification. There's stability, security, and great pay/benefits when working with Young Learners.

It all depends on what country you are teaching in, how many schools you teach for, and the age of students and environment that you teach in. Most people have very typical “school day” schedules and pick up a few private students on the side of their full time job.

Yes! We have graduates teaching all over the world. Please let us know where you are interested in teaching so that we can help get you connected with graduates, schools, Recruiters, etc. We are here to help!

There are 2 options when purchasing your ticket to Prague:

One-way ticket: Most people choose to buy a one-way ticket into Prague if they are planning on staying and teaching in Europe. There is a small chance that you will have problems with a one-way ticket since you won’t have a long term Visa allowing you to stay in Europe after 90 days when you initially fly into the city.

Round Trip ticket: A round trip ticket is your safest bet, as the airline and customs cannot give you problems with a round trip ticket. If you are buying a roundtrip ticket, please make sure that your return is within 90 days. You can change this date (extend it) once you arrive in the city, but the airlines might not let you fly if the ticket was purchased with a return longer than 90 days. and

You will be required to buy health insurance for foreigners in Prague for your Visa. It is a very easy process, and Visa Guru will be helping you with this. It is full coverage insurance that covers doctor visits and prescriptions. It also covers 2 dental appointments a year. The average cost is $80.00 per month.

One of our teachers at TLH is our designated jobs person. She does everything that she can to help set you up for success after the course and find a job. Some of the things that she will help you do include: revamp your resumes into teaching and European resumes, mock interviews so you know what to expect when interviewing for teaching jobs, access to job boards, connecting you with jobs and private students, and she will be bringing in Language Schools that you can apply with on the spot. We will do everything that we can to help you find and secure jobs in the country of your choice!

It depends on where you plan to teach after the course and how many jobs are available in that region. Graduates that choose to teach in cities with a great number of jobs normally find jobs within 1-2 weeks after the course finishes.

We do not recommend that you pay for an international phone plan while abroad. Most Smart Phones are unlocked, but be sure to check with your provider prior to coming to Prague. If your phone is unlocked, this simply means that you can come to Prague and put a Czech Sim Card in your phone. This allows you to have a Czech phone number, and you can purchase an affordable data plan. The main cellular provider in Europe is Vodafone, and we provide you with cell phone assistance during Orientation. The interface on your phone won’t change so you can use different apps to call, video call, and text your family and friends in your home country.

Many of the people that take our course bring their pets from home. Prague is one of the most dog friendly cities. Please be sure to let us know beforehand so that we can provide you with additional information regarding bringing your pet abroad. Many of our apartments do not allow pets, so you might have to rent your own place via Airbnb.

If you decide to stay and teach in the Czech Republic after the course, you will work under a Trade License called a Živnostenský list. Taxes will not be taken out of your paychecks from the school(s) you work for. Instead you will be required to pay monthly social taxes, which average about $80.00 - $90.00 a month. Visa Guru helps with this as well.

Yes, most schools will want to directly deposit your paychecks into your bank account. We provide information regarding bank accounts during orientation - best banks and branches to go to. It is an easy process, and normally all you need is your Passport.

The flats that we provide during the course are fully furnished. There are different options that you can choose from including: individual flat, a shared flat with your own bedroom, or a shared flat with a shared bedroom. The flats have wifi, washers, and are a few tram stops away from the school.

Yes! A few of our teachers at TLH will help you find and secure flats after the course. There are many different options, and we will be going over all of this during week 1 of the course.