Housing in Prague

Housing in Prague


We help make your stay in Prague comfortable and affordable. Fill out our questionnaire to be matched with the best roommate for shared options.

Housing During the Course

The Language House TEFL offers a variety of options for student housing during the course. Currently, we offer housing in hotels and hostels, private rooms in furnished apartments, and the option for private flats. We are happy to offer you this service and take the stress out of finding your own place for the course. However, you are more than welcome to secure housing on your own via Airbnb or any other similar sites.

For those staying with us, we generally organize housing about 8 weeks before the start of a course. Below, you will find a list of our housing options and prices. Our housing begins on the Friday before the start of the course, and ends the Sunday after your graduate (4 and 1/2 weeks). We can usually house people a week before the course begins if necessary for an extra fee of around 28 USD per extra night. 

If you would prefer to find your own housing, companies like Airbnb and Flatio.com make it very easy to book something. The benefit of booking your own place is that you have a lot more options to choose from and more negotiating power. So, if you are coming with friends, a significant other, or if you would simply like your own spot, booking your accommodation is not a bad idea. If you are planning on going this route, please let us know in advance. We are happy to offer you advice on picking a place.

The apartments contain everything you need and include wifi, a kitchen, a washing machine (if not in the apartment then onsite) and bedding. Please bring a towel though 🙂 We will have a staff member, or one of our graduates, meet you at your apartment to show you around. Most of our apartments are located about 15-20 minutes away from the school.

Apartments and individual rooms differ from each other, but all of our housing options are usually much less expensive than booking your own place. The cost of the housing also includes car service from the airport, cleaning costs before your arrival, and a meetup with either the property manager or a staff member.

If you do plan on renting your own place for the course, and you are planning on teaching in the Czech Republic, we recommend booking something for no longer than 30 days. This is more than enough time to secure long-term housing, and due to the paperwork needed with your visa, you’ll want to book a permanent place while on the course. Booking a place for longer than 30 days may delay the process and complicate your visa.


We sometimes have the option of offering private apartments for individuals and couples. If you think you would need a private apartment, please contact us. 

If you decide to arrange your own housing for the course, we recommend using airbnb.com. This is a great option for couples or friends coming in groups. There are sometimes some great deals on housing if you look in advance. 

We will send you a questionnaire about a 8 weeks before the start of your course that will ask for your housing preference. 

Prague Housing for TLH
Housing Prices


Housing in Hotels/Hostels
Private Rooms in Furnished Apartments
Private Flat
1 person (limited)
Private Flat
2 people (limited)
Shared Rooms
(if available)

All prices above are estimates. Prices can change based on the current market and exchange rates against the USD. We always try and find the best deals we can for our students. If you decide on getting your own place, it’s wise to not book anything longer than 1 month if you plan on living and teaching in the Czech Republic. For your visa, you will need to secure long-term housing during the course. If you book something longer than a month, this could interfere with the visa process. Housing begins the Friday before the course begins, and ends the Sunday after you graduate.


  • All utilities
  • Airport pickup
  • Wifi
  • Cleaning services before arrival 
  • Staff meet up and short tour of the premises 
  • Small incidentals that might occur
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