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The Language House TEFL will help you get your visa to live and work in the Czech Republic!

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The Language House TEFL is committed to helping our graduates acquire visas to live and work legally in the Czech Republic. The visa process is complicated and bureaucratic, but don’t worry - we employ an in-house visa company to guide you through the process.

Visa Guru works directly in our school so they can offer the most efficient visa assistance to get you legal as quickly and painlessly as this difficult process can possibly be.

Teaching English in Prague

Visas for non EU citizens

(Americans, Canadians, Australians, and everyone else)
There are two ways non-EU citizens can get a visa to live and work legally in the Czech Republic: an employee sponsorship visa, or a freelance license (Živnostenský list). Finding a school to sponsor you as an employee can be difficult, and it means the school would be in control of your visa. So, if you quit or get fired, you would lose your visa. For this reason, we recommend most people get the Živnostenský list (or Zivno) instead. With a Zivno, you are in control of your own visa. You’ll be free to work for multiple schools, companies, and private students.

You can change jobs at your leisure without affecting your visa status. Further, you will invoice your schools and private students for the hours you worked, and they will pay the full amount. You then pay a freelancer tax on your own. In most cases this works out to be a much lower tax rate for you. Additionally, you are free to work at other jobs besides teaching if you wish. The Zivno includes many fields, so you can also find work as a tour guide, at a hostel, as an editor, as a writer, in marketing, and more. You’ll need to prepare a few documents at home before coming to Prague (depending on your nationality).

What’s the visa process like?

Is it possible to apply for a visa yourself? Unfortunately, Czech bureaucracy makes the process quite complicated. There’s a reason famous Czech author Franz Kafka’s novels feature nightmarish situations of administrative nonsense. Unfortunately, we might still describe the visa application process as Kafkaesque. But, we are here to help!

Visa Guru has been helping foreigners get legal to live and work in Prague since 2013. They are professional, experienced, and have helped thousands of our students get legal. As soon as you apply to TLH TEFL, you will receive a visa info packet that details exactly what you need to prepare at home before coming. During the course, you’ll have constant access to Visa Guru since they work directly in the school.

After the course, you’ll continue to work with Visa Guru as they guide you through the processes of paying taxes, invoicing companies, managing health care, and more. They will ensure you understand exactly what you need to do to maintain your visa and renew it if you choose to stay long-term. Please carefully read the visa info packet you receive when you apply for information on how to prepare, and more details on the visa process itself including pricing and special TLH discounts.

EU citizens

Do EU citizens need any paperwork to work as teachers?
EU Citizens do not need a visa to live in the Czech Republic. Depending on what school you find work with, they may ask you to get a Živnostenský list (freelance license) or they may choose to hire you as an employee. There isn’t anything you need to prepare from home; you can take care of the process once you are already living in Prague.