Adrienne Kirby


Adrienne is orginally from Virginia, USA where she studied International Relations and Biology at George Mason University before moving to Prague and completing our course in September of 2007. After graduating the course, she began teaching preschool and soon after her job became her passion. For the last 8 years she’s worked with preschool, elementary, and high school learners and she’s part of our team as the Young Learners & Teens Trainer. In addition to working with us, she also works with LEAP at ZS Drtinova.

When she’s not shaping the future generations of the Czech Republic she’s planning her next trip, reading, or experimenting in the kitchen. Adrienne also enjoys hanging out with her dog, Lenny in the nature, volleyball, and wandering around Prague and its many bars and cafes.

Adrienne Kirby - Trainer at The Language House TEFL