Chris Foxwell


Hailing from the eastern shore of Maryland, Chris is a mixture of rōnin and troubadour, wandering the world and earning his keep via English-teaching and writing/editing. Fresh off a five-year spell in Jordan, where he taught with the Peace Corps and operated a freelance editing business (and adopted a rescue dog, who is adjusting quite nicely!), Chris landed in Prague in October 2013, eager-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for Slavic adventure. He is currently wondering how he can copyright the term “language rōnin”.

In addition to The Language House, Chris teaches with two other schools, Channel Crossings and Wall Street English, while maintaining his editing business. His passions include Tolkien Studies, anthropology & feminist theory, physics (of the astro- and theoretical varieties), and weightlifting & fitness. Someday he will resume playing and teaching tennis, hopefully before his knees fall apart.

Chris Foxwell - Trainer at The Language House TEFL