Emori Miedoros


Emori graduated from The Language House in May 2014 and lived in Prague for a year and a half.

She LOVED everything about Prague and the life that she created in the ‘City of a hundred Spires.’ She taught general and business English to adults and was a student trainer at TLH. When she wasn’t teaching she enjoyed traveling throughout Europe, partying in Munich at Oktoberfest and Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, meeting new people, and drinking pivos through beautiful Prague. Emori moved back to San Francisco in September 2015 and is currently deciding on her next adventure abroad.

If you are interested in the course or have already officially applied, Emori will be conducting your phone interview and will answer any questions you may have regarding the course, housing, teaching abroad, Visas, etc. Emori truly believes that there is no greater experience than living abroad, and getting TEFL certified at TLH is the easiest way to make that happen!

Emori Miedoros - Trainer at The Language House TEFL