Skip Potts


Skip Potts has been a teacher since 2002 and a language teacher at the university level since 2006

After graduating with High Honors in a B.S. in Pure Mathematics, he went on to teach math courses at the University of Nevada-Reno and mathematics in Title 1 public schools in the USA and recently began his Master’s degree in Education. When Skip came to the Czech Republic in February of 2006, he took up work at several language schools in Prague. Shortly after that, Skip was employed as a TEFL teacher trainer for The Language House as well as worked for Charles University in the Math and Physics Department teaching General and Special Purpose English.

Skip left the Czech Republic to complete a Walk Across America in 2009 but returned to The Language House as the head trainer/course director at the beginning of 2011. Skip’s role now on the course is that of our accountant.

Sydnee Olsen in Prague