10 Reasons To Take Your TEFL Course Abroad

Get your TEFL training abroad from a reputable company.
Get your TEFL training abroad from a reputable company.
Are you interested in teaching abroad? Do you want to get TEFL certified, but don’t know whether to train at home or abroad? Is all of this really confusing?

Where you get your TEFL training is the foundation of your entire teaching abroad experience. Please check out my article on Go Abroad about the reasons why training abroad are so important. Check out the excerpt below and click on the link to read the entire article

To get TEFL certified abroad or at home? That is the question. In fact, I’ve been asked this question hundreds of times over the past decade from prospective teachers interested in getting TEFL certified. I normally explain with a few short reasons, for the sake of brevity, but there are so many valid reasons that I’d like to take the time to explore in depth.

Where you start your TEFL journey will often determine where you end up, so the choice to take your TEFL certification at home or abroad is actually the most important choice you’ll make as a new teacher.

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