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2020- The Year You Take Over Prague and Prague Takes Over the World

So, you’ve decided on packing up and hauling yourself to Prague to teach English. The city of spires, beer, and some surely interesting fashion choices. Bravo! The Language House TEFL is a great choice to get you started teaching English in Prague. With our help, you’ll be able to make Prague your new home.

Prague friends
Prague is going to be amazing in 2020! The Language House will help you get here.

Excited about your choice, you decide to share it with parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. However, the excitement you’ve developed about Prague isn’t exactly shared with the older generation who still affectionately refer to the Czech Republic as Czechoslovkia.

The city long ago ditched the grey Soviet induced fog that once hovered above it- it now boasts some of the coolest neighborhoods in the world. Coming here, you’ll be able to experience booming art districts, awe-inspiring architecture, and a stacked calendar of some seriously interesting events that’ll only happen in Prague that you’ll get to take advantage of in 2020.

Prague’s a sleeping tiger, one that’ll surely provide you with a great teaching experience. Prague might claim one of the coolest spots in 2020 and here’s why:

1. A Calendar of Stacked Events You Can Enjoy in 2020
Once a forgotten land often skipped by global phenomenons and cool festivals, Prague now hosts a number of them itself. One of the largest, ​Metronome​, a music festival drawing the likes of Beck, Liam Gallagher, Kraftwerk 3-D, will once again take place in June smackdab in the middle of Prague at the beautiful Stromovka park. Attendees will be overwhelmed with culture, beer, great music, and beautiful views of Prague’s architecture.
Žižkovská Noc 2020, a festival surrounding the art, music, and theater that come out of Prague’s Žižkov neighborhood, will return with some seriously interesting performances that’ll surely tempt you to get involved in the local art scene yourself. Visitors to this festival will embed themselves into the gritty-cool vibe that Žižkov’s holding onto all the while getting to experience untapped and upcoming art.
Later in 2020, Signal festival, a citywide art installation, laden with lights and projections blast upon old buildings and shimmering bodies of water will grace the city. Every year, these lights enchant city-dwellers, providing them with a trippy and beautiful experience. 2020’s exhibition is sure to one up last year’s. For a full look at all of the events that are sure to enchant Prague in 2020, check out ​GoOut​.

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2. The Cool Keep Getting Cooler (This Applies to Newcomers and Prague)
Prague’s neighborhoods have been named some of the coolest in the world. ​Time Out named Karlin as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world​, citing it’s​ “​current wave of experimental spaces – from Manifesto Market’s open-air food stalls in shipping containers to Kasarna Karlin’s summer cinemas and artsy events” as just a few of the reasons that the once flooded neighborhood lays claim to current coolness.​ ​Time Out also tapped Prague’s New Town​ ​as one of the coolest spots in the world, whereas Business Insider UK thought Holešovice was the coolest- with its cafes, world-renowned galleries and large parks.
Walking through Prague now feels like exploring Brooklyn, Paris, and London. Street art graces every street, pop-up shops featuring incredibly niche and interesting new designers exist in every neighborhood, and hip cafes rivaling L.A.’s are pumping out some incredibly delicious creations.
With most of Prague’s neighborhoods deemed cool, what’s to say this domino effect won’t earn Prague the spot of coolest place in 2020?

Karlin’s Kasarna Karlin, an art gallery, movie theater, event space, movie theater, beach volleyball playing masterpiece.

3. It Cost HOW MUCH?
In 2019, the Czech Republic took one of the top spots in the World Happiness Report, being named as the ​happiest country in Central and Eastern Europe​. Perhaps it’s the beer, the air, or the fact that its ​cost of living is extremely low​, its citizens are ​some of the happiest in Europe​, and the ​Czech Republic is one of the most developed nations in the world​. Prague, along with the Czech Republic, is sure to become the best place to live in 2020 with it’s strengthening economy, beer consumption, and contagious happiness! So, don’t you think you’ll be the happiest you’ve ever been after moving here? The mass majority of our graduates enjoy their status as Prague residents teaching abroad in this wonderful city.

2020 has absolutely nothing on Prague, and nothing on you, too.