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A Day in the Life of an English Teacher in Prague Video!

TEFL certificate Prague

There are so many different ways to make it as an English teacher in Prague and The Language House TEFL helps you find the perfect teaching niche for you to be successful. What’s it actually like to teach English and live in Prague? We get asked that questions all of the time from prospective students.
Teaching in Prague can really be anything you want it to be. No two English teachers have the same lives nor the same kind of teaching or schedules. Our graduates work online, with companies, in preschools, privately, in universities, and with large language schools. With our guidance and a little bit of time, you can carve out the perfect environment and schedule for you. Teaching is demanding and you will be challenged, but it’s also extremely rewarding.

Teaching is only half of the coin of course. Most of your life will not revolve around teaching, but what you do outside of your classes. People love our course because we are the best course in the city at connecting our graduates with each other. Having this social network will ease the experience of living in a foreign country and not knowing anyone.

Check out the video below and see what life is like from two of our graduates working in Prague. We graduate hundreds of teachers a year from our program and each teacher lives a different life. Take a look at two below.