Darryl Sheppard

2006 graduate Darryl Sheppard shares his experience teaching English as foreign language.

I first conceived the idea of teaching abroad in September 2006. I had no desire to return to neither an ineffectual and corrupt administration nor unappreciative parents in my hometown of Washington DC. I sought to combine my two loves: travel and teaching. After some research on seeking teaching jobs abroad, I came upon the Language House. Since it was the least expensive program of its kind and I was in absolute agreement with their philosophy, I could come no other choice. I readily contacted the school and signed up for the December 2006 course. I completed my course there just before Christmas of that year. I can honestly say that it was the best decision I could have made for my life. Since graduation, I have met tons of amazing new friends and have seen foreign lands chocked full of unearthly beauty. I have always looked to travel to impart a greater understanding of the world through empirical experience, which it can be said there is no greater teacher in life. Since completing the Language House (TLH TEFL) course, I have taught in Prague, Czech Republic and its environs. I have visited Bratislava, Slovakia, Budapest, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria. I am currently on my second tour of the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program in the Democratic Republic of Georgia(former Soviet Union) Since I’ve been here I’ve also had the chance to visit Istanbul, Ankara, and Goreme, Turkey. After I’ve completed my tour here, I plan to make my way to either South Korea or Taiwan. With a TEFL certificate the world truly is your oyster!

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