Gretchen Peterson

Taught in Prague

The most frequently asked question I’ve received since moving to Prague is “why are you here, why Prague?” To be honest, when I decided to move abroad, I didn’t even consider Prague. I had plans to move elsewhere once the course was finished. After being here for only a month, I fell in love with the city and made so many close friends so quickly it was hard to walk away from that. I was lucky to take the course with a group of people who all instantly connected. It made the work load, the studying and the late nights enjoyable.
Gretchen in Prague
I’m originally from Wisconsin and before I moved abroad I worked at a ski resort in Colorado for about 7 years. My move abroad was pretty spontaneous. I’ve always had a love for travel and for years I had considered working and living abroad, but knew it could be difficult. I had known people who had taught English abroad and had incredible stories from their experiences so, I thought it was worth looking into. I found The Language House online while I was researching TEFL schools. After I had applied, I found out a close friend of my sister had done the course with TLH and had only good things to say about the company and the course as a whole. From the beginning the assistance I received from TLH made the move incredibly painless. After speaking to people associated with the company, I felt comfortable getting on a plane and arriving in a foreign city knowing no one and start this huge adventure.
TEFL adventure
The course for me was a welcome change. I hadn’t been in school or worked on something so intensive in a long time. It challenged me creatively and intellectually and allowed me to hone skills that are going to be useful for a very long time. In my first year here I had the wonderful opportunity to work with children. Although teaching is not my primary job at the moment, I know the skills I learned and the certification I received are going to be an incredible asset for future opportunities to live abroad.