Language House Orientation Tour


Another thing that makes The Language House TEFL unique is that we offer a two day orientation tour before the course begins. This is a great way to meet your fellow students and find out more about living in your new home. The orientation includes tours around the city, drinks, fun excursions and a scavenger hunt. Check out the pics from the April groups orientation. Sign up with us and teach abroad! www.thelanguagehouse.net 10250286_2395290641641_869170956819891064_n 10313357_2395292161679_4998725667823736861_n 10325229_2395291921673_3760419480918278882_n 10273810_2395292961699_2980696994895185632_n 10300446_2395291561664_3116509279168485339_n 10277205_2395291361659_2292167023382052163_n 10257930_2395292681692_6315797256344226274_n