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Meet Our Theatre Company, CATNIP Divadlo

The Language House TEFL’s community is one of the greatest advantages of taking our course. We go out of our way to support our graduates and build a friendly community in Prague. One of things that we offer is our very own theatre group called CATNIP. CATNIP stands for Contemporary American Theatre Now In Prague and is made up of Language House TEFL graduates. The directors of CATNIP are two talented ladies named Peppur Chambers and Nicole Adelman who took our course in 2015. CATNIP produces both original theatre and well known plays in speakeasy theatres around the city. If you are an experienced actor, or a complete novice, this is a great venue to start acting in Prague. We are happy to be a part of them.
Being a TEFL teacher in Prague is great, but sometimes it’s not enough. The Language House TEFL likes to create these fun, productive outlets for our graduates. We all come from different backgrounds and have different skill sets. It’s nice to be able to cultivate these abroad. CATNIP accepts actors and production help from all levels of expertise. They usually have two to three large productions each year. Check out the video!