Pack Your Bags and Move to Prague

Moving to a foreign country is both exciting and unnerving. With The Language House, we have a whole network to help you take the plunge and start your new life

Prague’s grandeur has much to offer the aimless wanderer or inspired TEFL grad. The Language House TEFL is one of the best TEFL certification courses in the world. Our staff and alumni take pride in helping you make the first step in teaching English abroad. 

Our Facebook page, Pack Your Bags and Move to Prague, is the best resource for incoming graduates. Here, you can read personal stories, receive up-to-date information regarding the Czech Republic and COVID-19 related news, ask questions, and ultimately, connect with a like-minded community. 


Patrick’s Story

I’m going to tell you the same thing my friend told me when I had the idea to move to Prague: “Ok listen, before I say anything else, just do it”. 

Almost 5 years later, I’m still thanking my friend for his advice. Moving to Prague has changed my life; Not to be cliche, but it’s true. I’ve been able to grow and learn so much. I can’t imagine where I would be now if I would have let my doubts and fears hold me back from taking the leap. 

My Long Story Short

I had graduated from university with a degree in finance, and I started an internship at a consulting firm. Hated it. Hated it so much that the thought of doing it 9-5 for the rest of my life gave me serious anxiety. I needed something different. So, I started to research with the goal of backpacking for a few months to give myself time to clear my mind and figure out what to do. Problem was, I had no money and a pile of student loans. I needed an income stream. This lead me to start reading blogs about TEFL teachers telling their stories. These stories excited me, but I had that lingering feeling “this sounds great and all but could I actually make this work? All by myself? SCARY!!”

Then I remembered I had a friend from university who moved to Europe after graduating, but I wasn’t sure what exactly he was doing overseas. So, I sent him a message on Facebook telling him I had the idea to teach English abroad. He replied with the wise message I quoted for you at the start of this post. Come to find out, he had been working as a TEFL teacher in Madrid, Spain for 2 years and was having the time of his life. Hearing his trusted experience gave me the security I was looking for but unable to find reading blogs online. 


So, now, I thought I was ready to make the leap. But where? How would I get certified to teach? How would I get a visa? Was it too late to apply? (I wanted to go ASAP).

My friend sharing his experience almost sold me on moving to Spain with him. Perfect weather, easy (student?) visa process and he already had a great group of friends there. I’m sure I would have had a great time and enjoyed lots of tapas, but deep down I knew I wanted to do this solo.

I continued to research. With student loans lingering in the back of my mind, I was naturally drawn to Asia. From what I gathered, Asia had lots of jobs available with great pay, and the visa process was included. Seemed like the logical choice—high pay and no headache. But, there was one thing I noticed on almost all of the job postings: “Receive an extra 1-month salary upon completion of a 1-year contract.” DING, DING, DING!! RED FLAG! Why is this an incentive? Is it difficult to complete a year contract?

I dug a bit deeper, and it sadly seemed to be true. TEFL teachers typically just go to Asia to make quick money—not always, but it seemed to be common. Life can be tough In Asia for foreigners (with the exception of a few big cities). 

So I had to ask myself, “Are you going just for money, or do you want something more than that?” I wanted more.


My TEFL class

I continued to research and uncovered Prague. A place welcoming to foreigners, full of teaching jobs with fair pay, manageable visa process, local TEFL programs, centrally located for traveling, and a great standard of living. It sounded perfect for what I was looking for.

Then, I found The Language House TEFL’s website, and I instantly knew this was it. I was warned about all of the scams that are out there, but something about TLH felt assuring. I think I was able to connect most with the people in TLH videos and related to what they were saying. 

My gut was right. I, unknowingly, picked the best program in Prague. TLH set me up with everything I needed to succeed abroad. As a bonus, the program provided a group of like-minded people who would become my friends for the rest of my life. Seriously, I’m still living with someone I met in the program. 

Before finishing the one-month program, I already had a teaching job lined up, a contract for an apartment and the visa process rolling. 

Now, Fast Forward

I’ve been living in Prague for almost 5 years and about to get my permanent residency! I was teaching English for my first 3 years in Prague and enjoyed it. Teaching gave me the opportunity to work and travel, without being tied down to a desk job. The flexible schedule also gave me time to think and figure out what it is that I actually wanted to do (and enjoy doing).

Eventually, I started working in marketing on the side (proofreading, editing). I’ve now transitioned out of teaching completely and work full time as a Copywriter at a global Czech-based software company. I’ve been able to travel to over 15 countries without destroying the bank. I’m so happy and proud of the life I have built. I could go on for ages sharing the unforgettable experiences I’ve had, but that’s not what this post is about. 

Let’s Get Real

You and I are strangers. We don’t have the same relationship that I had with my wise friend in Madrid. But I do hope that my story connects with someone out there who is ready for change, but is letting fear hold them back. Remember: don’t overthink it, just do it. Prague will change your life for the good, you’ll see. 

Feel free to DM or privately message Patrick (on Pack Your Bags) if you are interested in having a chat or simply to hear about the time he backpacked along Portugal’s coast for 3 weeks, alone.